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  1. hahahaha, fucking brilliant ­čśé
  2. Many more to come bears, this is definitely the sweetest in my books though! Fucking brilliant, as everyone else words can't even begin to describe my emotions right now.
  3. Fuckin hell man ­čśé ­čśé ­čśé
  4. Fucking buzzing man, to play relatively poor and still come away with all 3 points has put me in a hell of a party mood, we are the fucking people, yaaaaaas!!!
  5. It was the same for me bud, tried it two or three times and it eventually worked, hope it works for you soon mate.
  6. Brilliant to see him get on at the end, still feel a bit gutted things haven't really worked out for him as they could have though.
  7. Probably get plaudits for it ffs. So sick of the cunt, sometimes just turn off the volume.
  8. Aye, shame he had to miss this one eh? ­čśü
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