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  1. Had a watch back at the game yesterday, thought he had a good game at the time but after watching back he was absolutely immense, best CB we have imo.
  2. It's definitely noticeable this season that we don't have many of those moments where our defence feels totally exposed with last ditch challenges being made. Huge improvements in our overall shape and teamwork on and off the ball are being rewarded, last season we would always have a few awful defensive lapses in what felt like every game.
  3. Hurts to say it but this is pretty much spot on in every aspect, i dont even feel angry anymore after these games, i just feel numb like I knew it was coming.
  4. https://www.pscp.tv/w/citsODFETEtCRFJOTXhwRUp8MXlOeGFCT2FhV2RLahUjIBD5SZ4HRM0uEkJW3xaUAtTdBt5cDnXfrZJd0r-0 - doesn't seem to be on their website but working here bud.
  5. Feeling pretty content so far with the performance but looking for us to show a bit of ruthlessness in the second half to kill off the game, i feel we just need to mix it up and be a bit more direct in certain moments.
  6. These are the exact situations I'm hoping Gerrard will actually try to tweak things during matches this season. Too many times last season we changed nothing while teams looked so comfortable defending our sideways passes for long periods of games.
  7. That was a good watch, absolutely terrific what he has done both on and off the field. Disgusting how this young man has been treated over here simply because he chose to join the famous.
  8. This just proves how absolutely bizzare that lot are, can't even bring myself to understand the thought process these weird cunts go through.
  9. Looking much more like how we have been in the league, disappointing, i know they are a good side but extremely poor first half at any level that.
  10. Our fans absolutely outstanding as usual in fine voice.
  11. Just go out and have any sort of organised game plan and you have a chance against us atm. So frustrating that nothing changes from match to match mate.
  12. For the last few weeks I've been saying despite our poor form that only one bad game from them will swing this round in our favour, but now the pressure is well and truly off. I just can't see them dropping many points. Fucking sickening.
  13. " proud dad of 4 " they sure as hell ain't proud of you ya waste of air.
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