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  1. Mate I’m having a nightmare with them. Well my Dad is. We have contacted them countless times. They say that they can’t trace his account with the info and we need to contact Rangers. Rangers say ticket purchased using premium credit. No payments taken from his account. I actually do not know what to do next. anyone any suggestions?
  2. 100% it was them booing Tav.
  3. This is a massive issue for me. Game after game free headers over the bar
  4. Before I get ripped yes he has also had Bang average and poor games v us, but you can say that about every player in the league
  5. Hmmm. I don’t want them to sign him, he’s a good CB proven in this league and had some brilliant performances against us. No worth £5m but it’s hard to get a CB that adapts to Scottish football and you could easy waste that kinda money gambling on various foreigners as we well know.
  6. Just go out and repeat the last 3 performance please Rangers, do that and we cruise. No need to show them any more respect than Killie,Dundee or Hamilton that’s where we have fell down against Aberdeen and Hibs last few years in my opinion. In fact the best Aberdeen actually played against us was the last game and we won that the others this season they were pish
  7. I missed the first 2 ☹️ Fucking traffic
  8. I was just thinking the same mate, need to get off the internet
  9. Car was hired weeks after the disappearance. But yeah agree with the rest.
  10. Ffs forgot about them playing tonight. My die hard saints fan mate told me 2 weeks ago they would take a point from this game, cunt should put a coupon on. Might pay more attention to his predictions now.
  11. Hope not if we get through we need them to be playing just as many games.
  12. Just quoted because you can only like once. spot on.
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