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  1. Agree. But think we could squeeze in a wee Europa league final.
  2. Before I get ripped yes he has also had Bang average and poor games v us, but you can say that about every player in the league
  3. Hmmm. I don’t want them to sign him, he’s a good CB proven in this league and had some brilliant performances against us. No worth £5m but it’s hard to get a CB that adapts to Scottish football and you could easy waste that kinda money gambling on various foreigners as we well know.
  4. Ffs got way to far into this thread before I noticed the dates ? folk saying dead line tomorrow I was like how the fuck did I miss this ??‍♂️
  5. Alves still to see a specialist wtf.
  6. I thought he played all right. But that shows how fucking low my expectations have got.
  7. Good solid performance in an awkward game to come on to.I
  8. MDYT2


    Good game wouldn't be unhappy to see him given a run.
  9. MDYT2


    I'm done. He has had his chance the last 2 games. Fully fit no excuses left not good enough.
  10. Missed him when he went off. Good performance
  11. Vs St Miren at Ibrox no idea what year but it was Oleg Kuznetzovs debut. Think it was 3-0. Taking my son to his first game today he is 6 ?
  12. i honestly could not believe my eyes watching him the day. I have never seen a Rangers player that out of place in my life. I hope it is just a serious lack of fitness
  13. MDYT2


    Cheers that's brilliant mate ?
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