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  1. Agree. But think we could squeeze in a wee Europa league final.
  2. MDYT2


    I thought he played very well but at the same time we missed Tav. Tav would have ripped it up the night. As many have said on here before we will not know what we’ve got till it’s gone r.e Tav
  3. Before I get ripped yes he has also had Bang average and poor games v us, but you can say that about every player in the league
  4. Hmmm. I don’t want them to sign him, he’s a good CB proven in this league and had some brilliant performances against us. No worth £5m but it’s hard to get a CB that adapts to Scottish football and you could easy waste that kinda money gambling on various foreigners as we well know.
  5. Think we will make money on Barasic based on caps alone, a decent agent will move him on on that basis alone. Grezda also has had a decent amount of games for his country so could possibly break even, no way we payed £2m for him.
  6. Their last 2 90+ min winners are how you win league titles unfortunately ☹️ Still never know what can happen. It’s strange to say but I’d be more gutted the closer we get should we finish 2nd. I know that sounds pathetic but hay 🤷‍♂️ Sitting on the last game and losing by say 3pts would hurt more than 5 +. Can’t remember ever wanting to win a title so much and I’m 37.
  7. Ffs use reddit all the time, only found out about streams on Reddit 2 days ago and now it’s pulled
  8. I went to a different pub , only had 1 pint and bought a program. It was me that done it.
  9. I’m sure it was 20-1 at the start of the season
  10. Easy best we have had since Jelavic, and easy best player in Scotland.
  11. MDYT2


    It’s hard to imagine he will get a chance but yeah I think he would. We have showed we can win and complete with various passengers this season. A passenger that can score and makes late positive runs could work,
  12. I posted a few weeks back that why send Grezda out to the media with his poor English. Fuck me that boys picked it up quick. Fair play.
  13. Guys getting hung out to dry in my opinion. Already proved he can’t cut it. Should never of started
  14. I’m all out of perspective. If we had been beaten by a good performance by a good team fair enough. That tonight was embarrassing from both teams.
  15. Didn't slag his English off. You and others seem to have missed my point and choose to think it was a dig. Fair enough.
  16. No offence to the big man but why wheel Katic out or any foreigner with limited English. Gerrard again what a difference.
  17. I was thinking that cause they played there for a while it would be a bit of an advantage ? Shite logic but hay that's my reason. Yeah Hearts at Murrayfield would definitely make more sense.
  18. This, you could literally tell him to just run about taking defenders with him and no actually give him the ball ? The others are more than capable.
  19. No idea but that would make sense/be fair all round.
  20. Funny how the SMSM where all over reports on how bad he was doing at first. Thought at the time it was strange can't think of another example of a manager leaving this country but still getting reported on. Good luck to him. Not his fault we hired him.
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