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  1. I was on this site to clear up rumours about me,
  2. All these stories are rubbish, Last year the 2 people that organised the game this year contacted me regarding brining the rangers legends team To porchester, After meeting them I agreed it would be a great idea and its for 2 great causes ie Lee rigby and help for Heroes , 6 weeks before the game I had a heart attack at the semi final ,rangers v celtic, I didn't feel up to doing the game ,as I felt it was too soon, They said come down ,that everything was sorted , I went down to the game only to find I was running around doing everything , After the ga
  3. I can't thank the bears enough,what a great day and weekend, Just to see Fernando's face light up was all worth it, Also Sarah ,Ryan Bairds fiance presenting the man of the match trophy was heart warming , We are the best fans in the world there is no doubt about that, I was speaking to the England select team after the game,they could not believe how good our support was, All the fans that turned up are a credit to our club,
  4. Come along all bears welcome ,listen to robo telling stories about his time at rangers ,some funny stories along the way, Free entry ,
  5. Sky sports are televising the game ,they will be showing highlights
  6. 1 fernando ricksen is launching his new tops ,what is nothing to do with me,other than we are wearing them In fleetwood for his tribute game,were I am the organiser, I won't receive anything from the sale of the tops, 2 fernando ricksen asked if I could help him launch his tops,ie I contacted his old team mates ,the media, And his agent contacted sky sports news, 3 we then needed some were to launch the tops , As you know I own a rangers pub,fernando said that would be perfect as he would be amongst All his rangers family, 4 so do you think I should
  7. Laudrup s Patrick boots. The bottom line here,fernando ricksen is launching his new rangers legends tops, He needs a place to launch the tops, I have put a great effort putting this legends game together for Fernando's charity ,over the last 5 months, He has asked me to contact ,sky tv ,his X team mates ,and the media,for this launch,and also He has asked me to help him launch the tops, So you think I should give any profits I get from my pub to fernando,are you for real. Or do you think I should have launched the tops with fernando at another pub or venue.
  8. First thing ,we have already had a game for fernando at ibrox , The reason we are having the game in fleetwood is we can play an England select ,and blackpool is a big rangers supported area, portsmouth game has nothing to do with fernando,and I don't think there are many players attending , Second, I am the organiser for the game ,I also own the Stonefield tavern,I have spent 5 hard month putting this game together, Fernando is launching a new strip ,and the legends will be wearing them down in fleetwood, When he said he was going to launch the tops ,I asked to do in my p
  9. Sky sports news will televise the game ,and will show highlights, Also they will be advertising the match ,watp
  10. We call them rangers legends games,but it would be impossible to get 14 rangers legends on a football park, Let's remember what's happening here ,14 x rangers players are flying from all over the world to play and show there tribute to one of our own, I was not on the site debating who was and who was not a rangers legend, In my eyes if you are prepared to travel distances to represent our great club that's more than enough for me .
  11. You will be able to order them on line from Friday, Under 18 s welcome ,I will pm times asap
  12. Fernando ricksen will launch his rangers legends top in the Stonefield tavern blantyre on Friday the 3rd of march, Fernando will be there with some of his X team mates, All bears welcome , Trust me the tops are pure class
  13. You can still buy tickets rangers legends v England select Saturday 25th March at fleetwood ticket office
  14. I was at the hospital on Wednesday to see fernando,he was in for a minor op, He was getting a peg fitted in his stomach, this will help him eating , He got out today and is in good spirits, He is looking forward to the fleetwood game ,and once again seeing the fans,
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