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  1. Agreed the away leg against 10 men was annoying and we should have held out, but when you look at the game stats last night Benfica had the best of them. As you said it is some situation we are in when we are disappointed with 2 draws against a superb team like Benfica. Long may this improvement since the last 2 years continue as not only are we winning but the brand of football we are playing is so entertaining. Even kris commons, the other night, was talking about how good our play is, the tactics we use, how difficult we are to play against and how together the team and management seem
  2. How stupid are their so called scum supporters when they are openly kicking up so much vitriol and hate for lemon including their banner. Do they not realise that managers who might otherwise have been interested in the job will run a mile when they see the abuse Rodgers got when he left and lemon is getting now after only a third of the season. Long may it continue.
  3. Sorry mate, Ariana wants me to take her to the bingo the next few nights.
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