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  1. Interesting that Anwar says the police have enough evidence to proceed without needing to speak with the player. He sounds pretty confident he can go against this guy and win.
  2. Stll get a broad smile on my face when I think of the look on that ugly scumbag Thumbs face when Greegs made that amazing save against them. Actually think that knocked the stuffing out of them in that game.
  3. Maybe the prick called Bale a fucking sheep shagger/ close harmony singer etc earlier in the game.
  4. Now the pressure is off for Alfie he needs to hit a 30 yard screamer that hits the bar, bounces off the back of the scum goalies head and into the net. The scum support would never get over it.
  5. Sorry guys in all the excitement I missed this. Donation on its way by Paypal.
  6. Roofe might have the cold or flu as saw him on the film shovelling, I think it was Askit powder up his nose. It never rains but it snows.
  7. As the saying goes everything before ‘but’ is bullshit.
  8. Imagine the scum watching last nights game as they always seem to. We go ahead - aw naw. Then Antwerp go ahead after equalising. Cue pissing their mhanky skiddies. Then we equalise - aw naw again. Antwerp go ahead again - said skiddies are now soaked with joy. Then hahahahahahahahahaha
  9. Must admit to not reading the article as I was distracted by the superb arse of the player on the far right. So cheers for the piccie.
  10. This is in his thinking already as he’s mentioned it a few times. Would be a very difficult decision for him if the Liverpool job did come about.
  11. We need someone with the ability and gravitas to attack the CO system and point out and compare how we are dealt with in comparison to other teams. They cannot be currently linked to the club in any way or we will be punished/sanctioned just like tom boyd was ( no giggling at the back.) A previous player or official of the club/spfl, etc along the likes of donald f, before he changed, or an individual from fan groups, lawyers also. I know we as a club would be honest enough not to help such a person in an underhand manner. The ability to bring it all out into the public eye and highli
  12. We could see changes in the way things are handled next season as the scum are going to lose a lot of influence. We will be champions (one game at a time), and although Robertson is useless he will be back on the spfl board and more importantly the fat jap who held the reins of power will be gone. Some will not be so keen to side with the scum when liewell is not there. This is our best chance to use our position to attack the shitbags like maclennan and mulraney, doncaster will have lost his protector and as he is already not regarded as any use his coat will be on a shoogly peg. My
  13. Very similar to his first goal against Braga at Ibrox. Cutting in from the right on to his left foot, running parallel to the 18 yard box line and then cutting the shot back into the corner against the direction everyone was moving. Only difference was he was a few yards further out. Obviously a strength of his and hope he does it more. Going to be really interesting to see how he progresses as he really brings a spark of invention to the team when we are struggling to break down a “park the bus” defence.
  14. Agreed. The proof surely is in his record in the EL the last 3 years which was not a problem.
  15. What an absolute fucking roaster to try and kid on he’s a Rangers fan. The guy wears green and grey, has a monobrow, sloping forehead, stinks and probably humps his sister. Am I wrong??
  16. Interesting to hear Barry Ferguson saying in his opinion McGregor is a much better keeper than Klos and up there with Goram. Very difficult to judge between Goram and McGregor as different types of keeper, big difference in the standard of defence playing in front of the keeper etc. Before I would always have said Goram was the best but McGregor is certainly starting to change my opinion as time goes on.
  17. Saw one of the scum saying how it felt like a tommy burns game against the great Walter Smith. Actually sounds about right.
  18. When you see some of the old pics it makes you appreciate some of the wonderful players we have had over the years. From guys like Orjan Persson who could put a ball on a sixpence, through to a supremely skilful Mark Walters and Ian Ferguson. A man who not only brought steel to the midfield but had great passing ability along with a great shot. Lots of unsung heroes too like Willie Mathieson, Andy Penman, Stuart Munro etc. As you can probably guess I’m old.
  19. Wow, just wow. Thats a heart attack waiting to happen. Either that or his tiny, warped , diseased mind is going to pop. Will not be a loud or large explosion due to the limited size of his brain Will be more of a bit of popcorn popping or a wet fart.
  20. For me has to be the Gazza game against the sheep. When you think of the importance of the game and the skill level in the first and second goals as he did it all by himself. The stepover, beating 2 men and changing feet for the first. Then for the second that lung bursting run starting in his own half, beating and holding off god knows how many sheep players before so cooly slotting it past the keeper. The penalty for his hat-trick perfectly executed as again looked the coolest player on the park. I grew up watching Baxter, Henderson, Bud, Davie Cooper etc but on that day, that perf
  21. Have to chuckle at the disinterested comments and the usual onslaught from the media about anything to do with Buff. Does anyone really think that SG would allow Morelos anywhere near the team if that was the case. Especially when Roofe, Itten and Defoe are there to take his place now??
  22. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”
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