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  1. What they really need is new members. There are not the restrictions there used to be on membership and effectively anyone can join. The Legion are the organisation that organises Remembrance Parades throughout the country.
  2. That's what happens when someone pisses on your leg.
  3. I couldn't swear to the season but I think your right. Jimmy Miller used to give McNeil a hard time and playing against Forrest was really easy for him in comparison apart from the ease which Forrest was round him and had the ball in the back of the net.
  4. I used to play in the Ruglen Thistle Flute Band in the days of my youth.
  5. 65 years, went to my first game with my uncle when I was 10.
  6. I watched him home and away and he wasn't always brilliant in fact he could be absolute rubbish at times but fortunately those were rare occasions. I served my apprenticeship in Clyde Iron Works and one of the chemists was a Neil Hopper who played for Queens Park but did his national service along with Baxter and played in the same army team. He said Baxter was nightmare to play against as he would tell whoever was marking him how he was going to beat him the next time he got the ball and would then do it.
  7. Where would have finished if we had kept him????
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