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  1. or you could say it was geodetic (earth shaped)
  2. You are reading more into my comment than was intended. I personally have no time or truck with any political party and think that they are all in it for themselves. I always vote but as I will be harmed by whomsoever gets into power I vote for who I think will do me the least harm.
  3. II I watched the Dundee, Dundee United game and the Dundee fans were giving it laldy, only they were " up to their knees in arab blood". No mention in any media outlet.
  4. Which explains why we were not playing well. I was in the merchant navy and could only get to games when I was on leave.
  5. We were not playing well but were still top of the league. I'm not sure if Baxter had been transferred to Sunderland at that time. The support thought that he would have been moved up to the boardroom and I and many others were shocked at the sacking.
  6. My take was that Germany were trying to play like this season's Rangers and Scotland were playing like last season's Rangers.
  7. There used to be a bar off Orchard Road that was a Rangers Club, there was also another bar at the top of Orchard Road that showed live games. I've watched Rangers games in there many years ago. You should be able to go online and look for the Singapore RSC.
  8. Effectively being accepted by the BBC that previous reporting was not balanced. Point made by Club and accepted by BBC.
  9. Goram without a doubt, also Tommy Burns stated that Goram cost him his job at the midden.
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