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  1. Very easy to judge the past on today’s standards . There was never religion issues from my parents growing up .They both had RC mother’s ,Prod fathers .But can still remember them both describe certain folk as having “fenian faces” and even in the 70s “mixed marriage “ was something they used to comment about on certain families .
  2. Money will do some talking too .When the Lowland league clubs have a couple of home games a season with couple of thousand extra paying customers ,there’s a good chance they will want this idea to continue. Then you might see a few lower league chairmen wanting a slice of that pie .Especially when the more ambitious Lowland league clubs can then afford to offer better wages and become more of a threat .
  3. What happened to the talks that were due last month to allow entry into division 2 along with one team from each of the Highland and Lowland leagues . The hatred being shown on social media tonight for this one season trial is almost as bad as the stuff in March when the entry in to the league system was first mentioned .
  4. Clutching at straws again . Why is it whenever we beat them a cry baby story appears afterwards. The longer the wait for this story that may or may not have happened is just embarrassing on their behalf . Whatever is meant to have happened would never have happened if Lego hadn’t spent his career being a cock .
  5. Possibly the reason why Thumb refused to come on .Didn’t want his medicine .
  6. Lego has been praised for his wind ups in the past .It’s part of the game so we were told . If you dish it out you need to be able to take some back , Its a case of he who laughs last laughs longest with this one .
  7. I selected Shagger as the hardest to replace .Simply because he’s the closest to a genuine world class player we have just now . Player of the year for me is Goldson .He could possibly end up being the hardest to replace though .He’s the youngest in that poll and could easily have his best still to come .
  8. Iv just watched his interview on a Zambian radio show . He didn’t mention specific clubs ,But he mentions 2 Premier league teams were after him and 2 Top French clubs . Lille fits this bill . But then again some players make some huge claims .
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