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  1. Forgot how much mediocrity there actually was then . My thoughts were the brutal goalie and striker Macari brought in . They were awful early 90s and went a few years without winning anything and pretty sure there were a couple of years they didn’t even qualify for Europe .
  2. Thank you for taking it to a whole new level 👏👏👏👏 😂
  3. Match threads were notorious for folk losing it .After the Hibs game at the start of last season i decided to stay away . Not just because any poor result brought out the worst in folk but because since I stayed off we were doing well and I didn’t want to jinx things . At the close of the abandoned season there were quite a few on here ,some of who are not just well respected in general but personally I massively respect their opinion wanted a full gut out and restart of our “bottlers “ I know too well what our fans are like from many years going to and watching games .I can ev
  4. Only connect ,me and the Mrs watch that just so we get pissed off at how ludicrous the questions are .And how twisted some folks minds are that they can actually answer the questions . Getting one right per show gives a tremendous sense of achievement 😁 Even if it is a guess
  5. Hannah seems intelligent too ,But he crawls so up the soap dodgers A hole it’s unreal . just noticed a certain word gets edited now 😂😂
  6. 2 each after full time and a Danish win in extra time would be perfect, The crying about the change in the away goals rule plus an extra 30mins play with disappointment in the squad could set them up nice for a “banana skin” at tynecastle .😁
  7. There were a few on here to be fair that thought Gerrards time was up .I would go as far as saying it was 50/50 . Even the most positive ,and I include myself wouldn’t believe the improvement and focus we showed in the league last year . The match thread during the first Hibs match many were chucking the league already .
  8. Gerrard isn’t a good manager .He’s a great Rangers manager and was the perfect fit for our club at the right time .Thankfully the board showed the patience and backed him they way they did . Last season it wouldn’t have mattered if they crumbled or not ,They could have had Brendas best side and we still would have won the league . Anybody not giving due credit to our Management team and Squad for the performance is a bitter comfort blanket seeking moron . PS we need to maintain last seasons league attitudes and take that into cups ,
  9. I was just using the fan boys word ,missed out bang though 😁
  10. Just noticed the average danish side is 8/11 to qualify 2moro night .
  11. Strachan and BJK are there because of loyalty. BJK been there right through the youths for years and Strachan there due to loyalty for the Dundee vote change .
  12. Hearts fans absolutely despise the wee cunt too . Reckon we still hate him more though . I know a Jambo that hates everybody ,a few years back Thumb turned out for the same dads team as him and he told me thumb was actually awrite . Cant imagine any of us say the same ,but maybe one of our SNP voting crew would .
  13. Looks like he’s trying to put the attacker off ,Kicking a ball while pissing yourself adds an extra complication and He’s no chance of saving anything on target anyway
  14. Just aswell he has spent a few years in Belgium to help him acclimatise.
  15. I remember a couple of years ago when they tried their pish in Sunderland and were chanting about Lee Rigby the West Ham boys were not too pleased .Sure I saw something that they would even go as far are teaming up with Millwall to get a message across . 😳
  16. And Porto and trying to get away with 14m Euros for Morelos with 2 years left . Saying that the record of being the oldest U21 in history must add a few quid .
  17. And if they keep him in and don’t loan a CB Roofe will rip him a new hole . Its a win win 😁 Lack of planning at that club has been disgusting and I for one am loving it . Better not tempt fate though ,Fritzel might end up giving flange the combination to the fabled 200m war chest they have been holding back since we came back into the league .😂
  18. They can loan as many as they want ,fill the full quota . Loans seldom work and take up places for their own players to progress . Any loans that do work out are offski with no financial gain leaving a hole to fill . So glad we look like we don’t need to use the loan market for players anymore .
  19. Wright done it again tonight ,I didn’t touch it coz his opponent can score for fun in bursts . im on the Wright Van Gerwin double though .
  20. I had that on Wednesday at 7/2 . First time Iv ever had that treble up normally some cunt takes a 170 out to fuck it up 😂
  21. Pretty sure the chat was 70k a week was his wage when he left to go on loan to the taigs . He’s in his mid 30s so when his contracts up there won’t be huge competition from big clubs next year to keep his wages high . A championship side offering 20k could be his limit . Maybe we could offer him more as McGregor might not fancy playing in his 40s .
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