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  1. That really shows you how much they really know or maybe don't know about the world. Somebody tells them you've not to like the royal family, Rangers, Plastecine etc. etc. and they just believe it.
  2. Just thinking they have gone totally mental/loopy & worse with not winning 10IAR & blaming all and sundry. If you look at our failed attempt with Walter & Laudrup announcing they were leaving & Gazza being sold we could quite easily have taken it out on our players/management etc. But did we, NO!! we stood and applauded them off the park with tears in many an eye and thanked them for their efforts. God no wonder I wake up every morning and thank the lord that I support Rangers.
  3. Talking to a paper who mocked dead football fans yet they wear strips with 66 and daub that on walls. Couldn't harm their necks with a blowtorch.
  4. Ah but but but but it might affect the Good Friday agreement so it wull.
  5. I have been going to Ibrox for over 60 years and believe it or not have never gone via PRW. Lived in Govan so Broomloan Road for me then Castlemilk going down Dumbreck Road. Then lived in Drumoyne so Shieldhall Rd/Edmiston Drive. Now park my car in Drumoyne so same route as above.
  6. How can he not improve with his Dad and our gaffer helping him. The good thing seems to me that he realises he has a lot to learn and appears to be happy to work to improve himself.
  7. Non Rangers has to be that goal by VanBasten and Zidane's at Hampden which are probably two of the best. Also Cryuffs goal in the 74 WC when he volleyed the ball which was almost at chest height.
  8. If you had switched the sound off on your tv and listened carefully you would have heard all the tims screaming "That's no fair it's it's it's cheatin"
  9. Great memories of '75 as I was at Easter Road that day with my Bro & late Dad. '85 was living in Kent with a wee radio on top of 2 books on top of the fridge in the kitchen as it was only place I could get Radio Scotland. Signal kept coming & going and I had to stop preparing a salad for my tea as hands were shaking so much and that I took a couple of chunks out of my fingers.
  10. Don't know if anyone else heard SG shouting as the teams were coming off the park "Connor! Connor!! Get him away" so wonder if keeper was looking for some afters.
  11. Watching the video and that is a Rangers strip, in fact my 2nd favourite after the 60's V neck.
  12. Ritchie, Shearer, Caldow, ach you know the rest. 1960's Loyal.
  13. Should that not be SPFL/SFA fines? God sakes obviously I have not woken up properly asking a question like that.
  14. Quite simply I believe he was this generations Winston Churchill. He gave us so much inspiration and hope in our darkest time since WW2.
  15. When Godrup joined I was really disappointed it wasn't his brother and let all my mates know that. Dohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  16. It seems caffeine helps improve performance & tims think we are cheating using it.
  17. Love the coffee & cafeine references. Top trolling.
  18. What about the Ibrox directors box with managers from Struth, Waddell, Wallace Smith etc. sitting in it. By the way you take extra care of yourself these days.
  19. Ah but do you have the infamous European purple top that we never got a chance to wear in Europe.
  20. So "Ibrox" Park was a tarrier?!?! Don't think so somehow
  21. IMHO Davie Cooper could be like that, fantastic one game & poor the next.
  22. I was in Tenerife with the late mrs when Clint Hill scored. As I couldn't find the local Rangers pub I had to watch it in my room on my phone. The room was 14 floors up and the Mrs was sitting at the poolside talking to a couple when Clint scored. She stopped talking & said I think Rangers have just scored.
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