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  1. Think our tempo really has to improve... In attack we have shown it this season in short spells where we look decent moving the ball at pace and stretching the opposition. We are giving teams to long to set up in defence and a bank of 4 and 5 is always going to be tough to break down. Winning the ball higher up the pitch and harder pressing against teams would also help so when we get the ball back we don't have 2/3 of the pitch to their goal.
  2. Do it for Walter boys... He would want us to win tonight. Fuck Aberdeen nothing but scum...
  3. Legend is an overused word... not for this man though. He epitomizes everything that it means to be a Ranger. As a 90's child he was everything for me growing up. Love watching his old videos. Met him very briefly once and he was an absolute gentleman. Thanks for the memories. Rest easy gaffer 💙
  4. Just catching up and seen this... Pisses me off no end the narrative that OO marches are somehow 'anti catholic'. They are not anti Catholic they are pro protestant. There is a big difference. The OO campaigns for religious and civil liberties for all, regardless of race or religion. I am very proud to be an orangeman and I have Catholic friends... Actually come to think of it I have Muslim friends and Buddhist friends too, so rule out the racism side too. I hate people like her, not for being Catholic but for being bigoted and divisive in our society. She encourages sectarianism not the OO. Also last point... Are pro Indy marches described by this lot as anti English/British. Nope didn't think so.
  5. I agree 100% they are weaker than before the window... Rarely does a gamble like this pay off. Hopefully a few flops in their panic buys.
  6. That is one of the most tragic things I've ever heard... Its like what wee guys talk about in playground when they are 12 🤣
  7. We needed that... Good man Stevie!! Roll on ibrox. I fancy it now
  8. Crying more than I did when my kids were born... Love you all bears!!!
  9. Absolutly terrible there... Devastating! Shows there is work to be done for next year...
  10. Absolutely buzzing... WATP!!! Love you all bears.
  11. Is a tough one... Would love to win it at their midden but after the last 10 years not too bothered. Enjoy every minute bears. Watp!!!
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