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  1. 10 hours ago, Jamie0202 said:

    When Jack has started we have conceded the following amount of goals:-  0

    Didn't realise this... He is outstanding this season and we have missed him massively!

    Unsung hero for us this season by all accounts. Like a Makalele for Chelsea I suppose.  

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  2. 56 minutes ago, GaryMc said:

    The next run of games will be the biggest test yet for us. If we show we're capable of putting a winning run together after beating them with ease then that'll be a real statement.

    It's up to us. One game at a time.

    Next 3 home league games are must win IMO... Killy away will be tough but a win would show what we are made of and potentially define the rest of the season. 

    TBH not overly bothered about Europa. Always nice to get decent results and reach knockout stage, which we are more than capable of. For me stopping the 9.5 is a must!!!

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  3. 7 minutes ago, beararse said:

    To me, this time round, it feels a bit like when an undefeated boxing champion gets soundly beaten.

    A. They’re ego is such that they were not expecting it.

    B. They don’t know how to respond.

    C. Their cloak of invincibility disappears overnight, the fear factor evaporates and others choose to have a square go. MikeTyson getting floored by Buster Douglas sponge to mind.

    Without getting carried away (and it’s hard not to in the aftermath), it does feel like the tide has turned. It also feels very different to the last victory. This result is part of a sequence rather than something that can be written off as one off v them.

    We beat them in style in the new year, and we’ve also played them off the pitch in the League Cup final, should have got something from the game where Alfie got sent off after half an hour and we didn’t even get out of 2nd gear on Saturday. None of these games were at Ibrox either.

    Saturday’s comprehensive victory also came directly after a break and not before. In recent times we’ve been slow off the block after an enforced break.

    Finally, the squad now has variety and depth so we should be able to adapt more readily to any upcoming challenges. 

    We now have competition aplenty for a place in defence, creativity/solidity/experience available for the mid field with Hagi/Jack/Kamara/Arfield/Aribo/Davis/Zungu vying for 3 places and options up front. No longer do we need to turn to a small striker to replace a small striker or stick to one up front.

    I have every confidence that this squad now has capability to take us to 55.

    Its in our hands.



    Think this is the main point. If we keep performing the way we are capable of and grinding results when we are not on form (a common theme for the filth) we will go all the way. 

    It is no longer a question if we have the team good enough to do it it is all about belief and desire for them now. 

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  4. All betting outlets I have seen tonight they have put us ahead of the scum as favourites to win the league this year...

    Surely that is a good omen and testament to how far we have come. 

    I know it is only Oct and don't want to jump the gun but I have a feeling this year. Especially after the manner of our  Old Firm win. 

    Hopefully we can kick on and create a gap before the new year!

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