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  1. Hope your keeping well my friend.

  2. Have you heard this yet....incredible


    1. JamieD


      I hadn't! Good stuff.

  3. Many thanks for posting this footage.  It was great to see Best at his best even if it was against Scotland.  Some player Georgie Best.

    Tangled Up In Blue

  4. trying to hunt down that Rheostatics album on vinyl cheapest  i can find is £75 ffs

    1. JamieD


      Yeah, it's weird. They were pretty big in Canada, Whale Music usually comes in the top 10 for their own polls of the best Canadian albums ever, so I don't get why it's so hard to come by. I had to rip their first album from YouTube, with shite audio fidelity.

  5. think you will enjoy this ,some terrific writing,lhttp://ramalbumclub.com/ook forward to it every friday



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