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  1. Should see the team in the next 30 mins or so. I am sure it will be a strong team. The worst pitch in Scotland + hammer throwers so all I want is 3 points and no injuries. That said my gut says that we will hump them badly.
  2. We were OK with giving our manager time to get it right. scum fans won't accept that so they will get no manager of note. We know that it takes years and investment from the board to go through that kind of complete rebuild. Even if DD was willing to fund such an overhaul (I think that unlikely) scum fans would further hinder their board by not buying ST's or merchandise. They are not like us. King's 'house of cards' was spot on.
  3. Recruitment team spot players with potential and the right character then hand them over to the coaching team to develop that potential. Our background staff are second to none. Loved Hagi since the Braga game and his best years have yet to come. Just another brilliant signing who is easily worth 3 or 4 times what we paid for him and that's at the moment. His future value could rise to anything as long as we continue to be successful in Europe.
  4. It's a matter of priorities. Title is first, Europe second. A competition that may not even take place is a distant third.
  5. Wrap up the title and then focus on the Europa. If the Scottish Cup resumes at some point then field a 2nd string. An irrelevance that we don't need.
  6. My first game was in 1963 at Ibrox when I was 9 v Dunfermline. Don't remember if we won the title that year or not but we have won many since. This one will be very special after the last decade. Just hope that my liver can take the celebrations. My wife doubts it. House is full of booze.
  7. The spelling is correct and it was not done by balaclava wearers at night. Very good job.
  8. As we well know bookies odds for next manager mean nothing. That particular market is very weak and even a small bet can influence prices. Best ignored.
  9. I share your optimism. I have 20 quid of free bets for Wednesday and intend to split it between 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0.
  10. Watched a stream of the 2nd half. There I was thinking that I could not see a worse game than yesterdays scum v sheep. I was wrong. Revenge for the 0-0 game on that horrible pitch is coming. We could run riot on Wednesday.
  11. Watched the last 20 mins. Both of those teams are absolutely dreadful. No wonder we are so far clear at the top. A Rangers second string would have humped either of them by a large margin.
  12. If it remains 1-0 with 20 mins to go then I shall look for a stream. sheep can't score but they will never get a better chance than against what passes for a scum defense.
  13. Definitely. Seen far too many that are very similar.
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