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  1. Back in the 80' and 90's I could have been classed as a member of the tartan army. I went to most Scotland games (home and away) but like others I don't bother with them any more. Zero interest.
  2. Emigrated just over 20 years ago. When I read articles about Scotland these days I am very saddened.
  3. Yes. Plus encouraging people to congregate in a virus spike area and stop the police and home office from doing their duty. Illegal activity with Holyrood approval. Desperate days.
  4. I suspect that they will be shocked by the numbers who turn out. My guess is around 50,000.
  5. Don't know for a fact but around 3 hours before kick off sounds about right.
  6. Good box ticking exercise by the club. Carefully worded. Now bring on the sheep.
  7. As long as we decide to play first and party later then we will scud them.
  8. Aribo can play at the back, play in midfield, or be a striker. Our squad have been very well coached. Doesn't matter much where we play them. Everybody knows what the requirements are even if asked to play an unfamiliar role.
  9. Borna would have taken the pen if fit. Our captain is perfectly adequate to take one.
  10. Dreadful surface to play hammer throwers on. Keeper deserved red for that challenge. Still a lead I will take.
  11. Happy with the team. No injuries and the 3 points will do for me.
  12. Probably hard enough for them to punt ST's without introducing soap and water.
  13. I watched him as a player. Bang average. Good manager however when given time to build a side. Cannot blame him at all for standing by his wife. As several has said before it's all spin. Best ignored. The fact that Gerrard has him on speed dial tells me all I need to know.
  14. 30K is a decent number at this time. Personally my unlimited overseas package kicks over for another year at the start of June. I don't have to do anything it's just a hit on the Visa. Don't know if that auto renew works with ST's. I still expect a sell out.
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