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  1. 2 of our last 3 games are at home. Win them and we have topped the group which in theory gives us an easier route going forward. Benfica are a good side but we showed in Portugal that we can beat them. I am quietly confident.
  2. I think that is bad news. The dreaded 'vote of confidence' means you are one bad result away from the sack.
  3. Long may the delusion continue that they have the better squad. As for Strachan they well get 15 minutes out of him and to be fair he would be an improvement on Griffis
  4. While I would take a draw I expect us to beat Benfica. Which says a lot about how far we have come. Win this one and we win the group and are seeds for the knockouts.
  5. I don't think that we have peaked yet. A joy to watch for the present with the best yet to come is how I see it.
  6. Should have scored more but after that break we are not yet back to 100%. Still it's just Scottish dross we swept aside. Bring on Benfica.
  7. Time to move on to Benfica who will be more of of a test given that they are closer to our level than any of the dross in Scotland.
  8. Could and should have been more bur I am happy with that.
  9. Very comfortable at HT. A quick 3rd and this could be a hammering.
  10. A starting XI to put the game to bed by HT. Plus lots of options on the bench.
  11. sheep will play this low block but we can counter that now. They will sit in and hope for something from a set piece. Don't care what team Gerrard picks as I have confidence in the whole squad. It's just get the 3 points and then move on to the Benfica game.
  12. Everything is now set up for tomorrow. All we need is the 3 points.
  13. I would have taken a draw before a ball was kicked so happy with that. Now we win tomorrow and rand ramp up the pressure.
  14. Their defense is poor and if the spoonburners have a real go at them they will score. sheep took points off them and fingers crossed scum drop more today. Don't expect it to happen but it could.
  15. In the cold light of day they don't look too bad. When you take what we had in the bank off the deficit we are only in the hole for about 5 million. Easily cover that with our assets. Looks to me that the board are doing a fine job.
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