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  1. Well there is a chance that a shot will be stopped by a 6 foot dildo and that's an improvement on Barkas.
  2. It's not going to easy to make the CL group stage as it's a step up in class. But it's a target we can meet. That's why we have strengthened again in this window. Fingers crossed we can make it.
  3. Nothing better than a tim in meltdown. So funny.
  4. Of course we do have a hard season ahead but have an excellent squad and a management team who believe in a game by game approach. That wont change. Even English has said that our 2nd 11 would win the league.
  5. He inherited a very poor squad and appears to have little influence on signings. He won't be there for long.
  6. 3rd best Czech team to knock them out of the Europa would not be a surprise. Then it's off to the conference play offs. Hope they make it so they are playing every Thursday and getting bullied in European footballs 3rd tier.
  7. I doubt that historical figures have much relevance this coming season. scum are in freefall and may well have to find a new manager before long.
  8. Me too. Well sheep or Hibs. Going to be a battle for the minor places.
  9. I hope people from Brighton were watching that. If so they can have no interest in signing Edouard for 18M. Perhaps at Xmas when they can get him for free but I don't see it.
  10. The Aussie was a strange signing. However I agree with some scum fans that he has had no backing from his board. Drop points at Tynecastle and they will turn on somebody. Either the Aussie or the board. I don't care which it will be a delight to see.
  11. When I saw the game had gone to extra time I looked for and found a stream. Lovely stuff.
  12. There was only 1 link from a Brentford local paper who said the fee was undisclosed but believed to be 3M with addons. Go look it up.
  13. You are all in all looking like a total asshole. I will comment on any story that I choose. It's an internet forum.
  14. I don't give a shit what they do. But that's not to say I can't comment on it.
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