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  1. If we don't sell Jones then he is a squad member option for some games. Like Alfredo if we get a good offer then I would flog him but otherwise I am happy to hang onto them.
  2. Both penalties were clear cut for hand ball. Good to see that Tav has regained his confidence in taking them. Tav now 50+ goals for a full back. Amazing.
  3. Good day. A bit of squad rotation before the Turks and a very comfotable win. As a bonus my Rangers -3 bet came in. spoonburners won't be allowed to get anything v scum but we added to the goal difference.
  4. I take the "positive" stance. Barring Leverkusen we remain unbeaten, this season, both domestically and in Europe. People wanting the manager binned after 2 draws away from home I just don't understand. Without hesitation I would claim that coming from the deadwood he inherited Gerrard has built us into the best side in Scotland by a mile. The league is a marathon and not a sprint. I still believe that we will win it. Given time cream always rises to the top.
  5. All we know for sure is that they will boot us all over the park and the officials will allow it. We are a much better team than them and if we stick to our guns we will come away with the 3 points.
  6. Must have been. Red Imps are a decent pub team who memorably beat the scum.
  7. We have 2 top class keepers but last night showed that shagger is our number 1. At his age he can't play 60 games a season but Gerrard won't ask him to. He has an excellent back up.
  8. Team will depend on who is fit (Aribo, Jack, Roofe ?) but Motherwell are not a good side. As long as we get the 3 points I could not care less about the score.
  9. Playing 2 up front makes it easier for the 10 man defense we so often see. Much better to have a fluid 4 and drag them out of position.
  10. They are a poor side and I won't be surprised if they lose in Bosnia next week. Their thing is beating hammer throwers and not more technically gifted sides.
  11. Trouble domestically is that teams don't play football (well an archaic version of it) which is why most Scottish sides get pumped out of Europe early doors. We on the other hand do play the modern game and play it to a decent standard which is why we do so well in Europe. Hammer throwers, ably assisted by bent refs, is what we face week in week out in one of Europes poorest leagues.
  12. Not ofen that you win 4-0 and your goalie is a serious contender for MOTM. The Turks will be a big test but home advantage should see us through.
  13. European refs still make mistakes but I have no trouble in calling them honest mistakes. They don't play favourites and there's the difference.
  14. Agree. Refs calling things fairly makes a huge difference.
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