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  1. All we paid for Aribo was a cross border fee so, if we sell him, whatever we get will be pure profit. The model for us has to be to buy cheap, develop, and move on for more than we paid for the player. That said put me in the 10M+ camp. Like everybody he has dips in form but for me he is a very important player for us and one of the first names on the teamsheet.
  2. The whole team has been out of sorts this season. Lack of a proper preseason is to blame for that in my opinion. It's not just Alfredo.
  3. I shall watch what happens at Newcastle with interest. I still think that they will be in a relegation fight this season and may well go down.
  4. A very disappointing game. Played well in the 1st half and should have gone off 2 or 3 in front at the break. Nowhere near as good in the 2nd half. When your keeper blunders goals are lost. 2 points needlessly tossed away.
  5. Very decent 1st half. We should add a 2nd in time and kill the game.
  6. Happy with the starting XI. Surely far too strong for Hearts.
  7. 2nd half v spoonburners was much more like us. Gerrard, without complaining about it, has stated that injuries, suspensions and covid have prevented us from fielding a settled team so far this season. Yet we remain top of the league. Just pick up the 3 points today and move on. That will do for this bear.
  8. UEFA like FIFA are well down the road of losing all credibility.
  9. This song was originally a 19th century sea shanty from the Bahamas popularised by the Beach Boys in the 60's. 4 lads had a dream retains the tune but changes the lyrics to celebrate the Gallant Pioneers. A more harmless song you could not imagine. Pleased to see that in response the club have added the video to their twitter. Fuck them has to be the cry.
  10. If I go to a foreign country I have to produce a paper document. It's called a passport. I am double jabbed and had no problem getting a piece of paper showing that. It will just sit in a drawer. One day, depending on what I am doing, I may have to dig it out and take it with me. I see no problem with that.
  11. Far as I am concerned Sakala is a better option than Itten. He is not shite as others have said. I believe that he will turn out to be a very good player for us.
  12. As I recall Killie never voted in our favour merely abstained. Glad they are down and hope that they stay there until they rip up that terrible plastic that they call a pitch.
  13. Absolutely. Just got do the best you can with the funds available.
  14. Anyone double jabbed is much less likely to die if they catch covid. Some people do have an adverse reaction to a jab the following morning but that only lasts for a day if that long.
  15. Just saw that we have only 3 weeks of football until the next international break in November. Ridiculous.
  16. I believe that Roofe is playing for Jamaica on Thursday afternoon.
  17. We are a big club so big games come thick and fast. Hearts in a top of the table clash on Saturday then Brondby on Thursday. Both must win games. The former puts us 4 clear domestically and the latter is a must to restore hopes of getting back into the fight in the Europa. Hearts will have had 2 weeks to prepare for this while we, at best, will have a couple of days as players return. I will take the same as the spoonburners result and a hard fought 1 goal victory.
  18. So you agree it's all hypothetical. As I said a nothing story.
  19. All this negativity over a nothing story. Gerrard is going nowhere.
  20. A wonderful solo goal from Hagi. That will put a few quid on his value.
  21. Everybody and their dog knew that Qatar as a world cup venue was a bad joke. Going to be a huge disruption for all domestic leagues and European tournaments. Still those in charge will have well stuffed brown envelopes.
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