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  1. Those hanging doll things were seriously off the scale offensive & inflammatory. Unbelievable bad taste.
  2. I’m gonna soak it up lap it up live it up HWFG !!!
  3. Aye, wee Shankland & Clark to put the final nails in their coffin wouldn’t be too shabby tbf.
  4. Yip that’s bad crack. No need for that whatsoever. Wee prick should be spoken to & treated accordingly from now on.
  5. The wee gimp host did put it into perspective by saying it’d be a bit of a strange one as Belgium are the no.2 rated team in the world after Rangers.
  6. Watched it on bein sports. Enjoyed the commentary whoever he was. Could tell he wasn't too well versed on us as never mentioned covid scenario when NP came on. Pretty basic stuff & made me appreciate what Clive brings to the table.
  7. Gradually morphing into a Sir Walter in the press conferences. Which for me is a good thing.
  8. Hagi baffled me with that change of direction. Different class.
  9. Amokachi

    Ryan Kent

    He defends that 55 yard ish area on his side of the park with an absolute passion.
  10. Looks like he can engage his football brain better than his actual brain. Credit where ceredit is due.
  11. Can’t blame him either. He’s now got available assets at his disposal & if they need to come on to replace an injured player or give players a rest it’s gonna happen. For the greater good of the team.
  12. I was told fkn donkeys ago that he started as the odd job man at Ibrox, then ended up driving the buses then kitman. Unsure if true.
  13. Examples of what Ally referred to as having ‘sly kicks at us’.
  14. I heard Keevins that day. He went on to say the Rangers celebrations will make V.E. Day look tame. Wasn’t around for V.E. Day but I’ll give matching or beating it a right good go.
  15. Klopp like most managers do, must’ve taken his own full management team to Liverpool. This I think allowed for Gerrard to hand pick the Liverpool staff he wanted for us. Also his ‘Elite’ mentality & approach was a massive step up from what we were used to. He didn’t just talk the talk. The training, lifestyle, academy, mentality, Auchenhowie, matchday routine, recruitment & many more parts of the club have been adapted to be the best he can possibly make it. Reminds me of a certain Mr Souness. Keep improving & there’s no limit to what we as a club & him as
  16. Imagine what he’s like in training !
  17. Got a feeling that’s on the teams ‘to do’ list.
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