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  1. Lundstram and Balogun were our top performers today. Also, can’t fault the GK for saving a pen and a clean sheet. Tav and Goodson were shocking at times.
  2. Got to be honest mate. That’s exactly what Griffiths should have done on many occasions, so he deserves everything that may come his way today.
  3. Literally mate. 2.5 years, 0 appearances, for a bargain price of over £2m.
  4. I take it that you don’t remember Daniel Prodan?
  5. People quite rightly have their own opinions on this one and that is right and proper. I see this (and other decisions taken by the club in respect of the media), as a combination of being selective in who we choose to deal with, protecting existing contractual agreements and on occasion simply flexing their muscles, from a position of relative strength. The latter is something that has only been in place for a short time. Yes, some people are upset, but there was a huge imbalance in how we were portrayed (attacked on occasions) by others, and what we are seeing is the club dealing with it in the way they see fit. I support them 100%, and the feelings of the printed press, TV companies, football authorities are absolutely the least of my concerns as long as the club make those changes within the rules and comply with contractual agreements. Being the nice guy and taking the easy option to avoid some mud being thrown in our direction does not work. That has been plain to see for many years.
  6. The fact that Dundee are involved is the most staggering of all. What a brass neck their owner has, taking part in a review of the very same organisation he propped up not so long ago with the email that was sent but never received etc.
  7. The latter one I suspect.
  8. Deserves a like for pure comedy value.
  9. Cracks appearing that are bigger than a big crack, and they know all about that. Lovely stuff.
  10. For someone of her ilk, 12k is an outrage.
  11. In between cutting her own hair I suspect. Apparently, Sturgeon is a skilled hairdresser as well as being able to identify comedy genius…
  12. There are lots of real crimes that the Police could, and should be dealing with, not reacting to the never ending list of online keyboard warriors who seem to be offended by name calling and song singing. It’s quite a sad reflection of the society we are now living in. Like you, I have to agree that this country is fast becoming a backwater on a number of fronts.
  13. Anyone who believes that the Union flag is sectarian needs to have a word with themselves.
  14. 11 players in, yet strangely don’t seem to have improved their defence in any significant way.
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