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  1. If he had thrown that into the crowd the police would/should have been involved, why not because he boots it?
  2. Glasgow version of a dirty protest
  3. Theres a contact page here(Scroll down for disability) mate which might help https://www.rangers.co.uk/contact-us/56fYuCbzlH5QJgstCrPNoX Some more info. https://www.rangers.co.uk/disability-matters-group/7DxZjynrP9gtHQuZ77IFx7
  4. Nothing to do with who he plays for, he is a cunt! Only a cunt would leave someone dying instead of trying to help/get help. Absolute tragedy for the boy's loved ones, no sympathy for the driver cunt though.
  5. Been reading that too, car supposedly torched in Maryhill. Could be twitter bullshit mind you.
  6. You're at it with the pound signs right?
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