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  1. Tell Toni that is a cracking picture and to keep that big smile on her face.
  2. Don't worry about it Rab, the real bears have your back and he isn't Mr Rangers nor is his old man.
  3. An "I can't be arsed doing anything" reply from the SLO if I ever saw one. He did fuck all except reply with an email address that is freely available. Bawbag!
  4. All the best Stevie and thanks for the memories, you will never manage a bigger club.
  5. If we don't make the groups in the CL then Europa groups would be fine and dandy. I do think we will win it anyhow
  6. I got that for being "Timothy" Not even a single post Fuck the fat dick and his band of sycophantic followers.
  7. Ignore the arseholes and remember people care mate.
  8. Come on bears, please share far and wide and get this wee lassie the help she needs and deserves (Rab and the family too obv.) Even a pound donation would be brilliant.
  9. If you were a pikey, it wouldn't be a problem.
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