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  1. 2-0 on Thursday then fully expect us to beat Kilmarnock, I would play Borna on Thursday but leave him out on Sunday from that bastard pitch.
  2. Jogs about breaking up play brilliantly, knows where he should be and keeps things simple...Underrated by a lot of the support imo
  3. Somebody posted it in another section on Thursday night and it was well liked, why the change of attitude now? It's a bit of fun ffs
  4. My guess is a few will be working from home or in a closed TO with access to email, worth a shot mate.
  5. Sterling work lads, keep it up!
  6. Nicola Sturgeon was touring rural Scotland in the First Minister's chauffeur driven car. Suddenly a cow jumped out into the road. They hit it full on and the car comes to a stop. Nicola in her usual jaunty manner, says to the chauffeur, "You get out and check - you were driving." The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead. "You were driving, go and tell the farmer," says Nicola, "I can't afford to be blamed for anything." The chauffeur walks up the drive to the farmhouse and returns five hours later totally plastered, his hair ruffled and with a big grin on h
  7. It would be great if the club provided her with the equipment and RTV to watch the games. Not all Rangers legends wore the famous jersey.
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