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  1. I get him/her to hold my dobber when pissing mate, don't want to waste a fag.
  2. Ashtrays in the toilets would be good, never felt comfortable flicking my ash down the pan.
  3. Dingwall is raging, he posts the paper clippings that his forum's members donate to.
  4. Nah, they can only equal us but we have better head to head
  5. Just drive over, no one gives a fuck but don't give any hitch-hikers a lift back from Calais.
  6. I'll never get that hour I stared at Flight Radar back
  7. I thought he looked like a tramp in that gear tbh. Dirty scouse cunt!
  8. Only voted for him because Stevie Clarke wisnae there.
  9. So he is going to be the next gaffer but then again he might not.
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