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  1. Got a feeling he's going to score a double. 2-1 Rangers. ??
  2. So is he for backup or is he going to play, surely it will be difficult to dislodge Goldson and Katic?
  3. Did he not have a go at the board in the press? I can't see it.
  4. Disagree with this, you need a good defence in front of you. He has saved us many times in games.
  5. Boy needs time, like all the others. We will come good.
  6. Wilson at fault there but I'm more than pleased with the performance so far. A lot more to us than I've seen.
  7. keith Jackson talks utter pish and knows nothing. Every week its made up garbage
  8. Simply not good enough. Think we are better than we are.
  9. We are terrible and Barton has done nothing so far. We miss Holt big time.
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