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  1. I cant believe we are even discussing this after all the bears have been through, gerrard wins this and he will be an instant legend in my eyes and probably many bears eyes, happy days!
  2. If the same team and formation turn up for the second half Gerrard will have a lot to answer for, badly missing arfield and jack 😪
  3. Itten and aribo on at half time, cant have any passengers, I also can see morelos getting a red and fucking it for the rest!
  4. Hagi was by far the worst player tonight but all in all a decent performance and clean sheet, so happy days
  5. Well he is almost certain to get the sack now fucking hell 😭😂
  6. Well seems like itten certainly has split the support 😂
  7. It doesn't really matter now, the next guy we get in will also most likely be crap.
  8. Bottom 6 teams can give the Tim's a better game ffs
  9. This makeshift back 4 is going to get anally raped as much as I hate to say it. We would have struggled with a full strength team but now......
  10. No and no where near it, he is crap along with windass
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