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  1. A draw would be a good result tonight. We can sneak a win though
  2. Think this will be a really tough match, they beat Frankfurt and drew with Arsenal in last year's competition. Still, fancy us against almost anyone in Europe. Head says 1-1, heart says we sneak a win
  3. Edouard by all accounts has been shite this season so not sure about that, I'd keep Morelos thanks
  4. Wonder if he's watched the various slap videos doing the rounds on social media and had a wee chuckle to himself. Hope so.
  5. Fantastic player. Are there any ex players who don't have a gin out though . It's a shame gin in general is horrible
  6. The Morelos "slap" is funnier every time I see it. Nothing more than a wee friendly pat on the back of the head but it sure wound up the muncher of Lego
  7. Kris Boyd "men against boys" then a wee sideways glance at Hartson to see his reaction
  8. Winning despite being distinctly average. They are dug shit, bring on Aribo, get Kent told to start being more direct and tear them apart
  9. Haha true, still wouldn't trust an opposition manager when it comes to potential lineups
  10. I've been a big critic of Barker but there's some overreaction on here. He played well last match.
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