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  1. Hoping Gio wants him to be more aggressive, hungry (for goals) and play the role he did when he was at his peak. Maybe he's been unhappy with the role he has been asked to play. Probably clutching at straws tbh.
  2. Don't normally rate the League Cup but with it being earlier in the season these days it can set the tone. Plus I think we need to beat the "can't win a cup" hoodoo
  3. I mean, I think there were far more Kingalings...
  4. Hmmmm. Safe to say I can stop checking for updates every 5 mins I think.
  5. This has been a shite day in terms of updates. Do we reckon Gio is unveiled tomorrow?
  6. I'm afraid Borna doesn't qualify as a big hitter anymore, wouldn't get more than £5m imo
  7. Wee head shake by Gio there? Must have fucked up his Power Point presentation
  8. The team he managed aren't one of the better teams in the league if Wiki is anything to go by. Since 2012 their best ever finish was third and they've plenty of seasons where they finished nowhere. Throw the COVID factor in and the fact the quality of the league is atrocious and I'm reading nothing into his short spell in China.
  9. Still time for him to score more too
  10. Just completed the hat trick. Another one. What a player
  11. Seems weird if true. Why would he walk away from the Norwich job just for the chance of an interview with us. For what it's worth I wouldn't be disappointed with Lampard if that's who RW wants is to go with, would just really prefer Gio.
  12. I'd take Gio winning the league with Feyenoord ahead of that. And Gio should be more of a seamless transition I think.
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