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  1. Not sure about that... would we do a deal like that not knowing how Ferguson's season was going to pan out?
  2. With their precious 10* on the line, if it starts looking desperate for them could you even rule out one of their deranged, scumbag fans attempting to sabotage us by trying to get Covid into our squad?
  3. "We only need one league. We don't need two or three. We need one. Once we take one away, it's a pack of cards." Assuming he meant "house of cards". Anyway, point is, if you're going to get something wrong don't post it five times . Completely agree though, we've won fuck all, enjoy our good form and the meltdown over at Torbett Towers but it's ridiculously early in the season still.
  4. Exactly this for me. The so-called 10 genuinely means fuck all and wouldn't bother me other than the fact it would be another year where we didn't win it. Half of it was won against no competition. Last season wasn't even won, it was decided by a vote.
  5. Watched some of this last week. The year with Albertz, Mols, Konterman and Alex Rae was brilliant.
  6. Appreciate where you're coming from but this season is pretty damn important. If we need to sacrifice just a tiny bit of succession planning in order to win the league this year then so be it
  7. A draw would be a good result tonight. We can sneak a win though
  8. Think this will be a really tough match, they beat Frankfurt and drew with Arsenal in last year's competition. Still, fancy us against almost anyone in Europe. Head says 1-1, heart says we sneak a win
  9. Edouard by all accounts has been shite this season so not sure about that, I'd keep Morelos thanks
  10. Wonder if he's watched the various slap videos doing the rounds on social media and had a wee chuckle to himself. Hope so.
  11. Fantastic player. Are there any ex players who don't have a gin out though . It's a shame gin in general is horrible
  12. The Morelos "slap" is funnier every time I see it. Nothing more than a wee friendly pat on the back of the head but it sure wound up the muncher of Lego
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