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  1. Clusterfuck so far. Injuries to key players, cunt of a ref gifting them a pen, denying us one and booking Borna for nothing
  2. Basically money for nothing for the club, can't complain. Can't be the only one thinking it looks like the shorts say "bitch" on them though!
  3. You could have said the same about Ranieri with Leicester though. Wouldn't shock me if they parted ways with Klopp if their poor form continues much longer
  4. Same, the new guy is more corrupt than she ever was. Still, she's only been gone for about a month so can't see her returning so soon
  5. The system is a farce, everyone can see that. Anything that makes headlines and generates discussion (ie anything involving Morelos) results in the compliance officer taking notice. For anything that Sportscene decide play down or not even bother showing, the compliance officer seemingly has her head up her arse. Pundits basically deciding who is to be punished. An absolute mess of a system. Surely has to be overhauled for next season?
  6. And they will be lucky to finish 2nd to even be in with an unlikely shot at qualifying
  7. That's not really fitness though, it's a caffeine buzz
  8. Interesting words at the end there. Sounds as if his remit when he took over was simply to stop the tainted 10. Job almost done.
  9. "How come you are so good?" Jim White, 1995
  10. Amato


    Scores worldies against Brazil, doesn't have the confidence to drive at the Motherwell defence
  11. Dropped 2 points, wouldn't say no damage done. We've been off the boil for a worrying amount of time now, was only a matter of time before it cost us points.
  12. Think we'll click today and absolutely destroy Motherwell. 5-0 with a few in the first half.
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