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  1. Wonder what the record goals scored by right back in British football in a season is? Tav has certainly stepped up to the mark this season and long may it continue.
  2. Remember the outcry from that , I think Bowman got a yellow, and the filth a free kick, not a drop ball and no card .
  3. Is that his carer trying to explain ‘ I only took my eyes off him for a minute ‘ Declan you little rascal.
  4. Is that Sherlock Holmes in the middle of the 9 out looking for that missing 9th trophy? Never find it cos it didn’t happen.
  5. 2019 RSEA badge on sale now . Another cracker !
  6. Just spat me tea out seeing that, dogs just no don’t they.
  7. Been sober for 17 years but what a buzz I’m on now . Lump in the throat at the end , great performance from the team. More of the same we won’t go far wrong.
  8. Had some of that , chance to win the shirt and H4H donation. Win Win.
  9. Heads up troops , just ordered 3 via the website.
  10. Fucking right, I’m a bluenose and shout it from the rooftops. No SURRENDER.
  11. You know what I'm saying. Tarrier media, incompetent referees, you know they'll up the ante as 55 gets nearer .
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