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  1. Remember the outcry from that , I think Bowman got a yellow, and the filth a free kick, not a drop ball and no card .
  2. My mother was a drinker with a temper and so was i, we clashed. My mum passed away ,the drink and fags took its toll. I jacked in drinking 19 years ago next Saturday and had tried to make amends , she didn’t even want to acknowledge her grandchildren . Still rankles with me could I have done anything different.
  3. Fell out with my mother for a few years and in that time she passed away. Anybody on here reading this going through the same thing try and make contact cos when they are gone you can’t go back.
  4. Had a ticket for their main stand and ended up like many other bears getting walked round to our stand.
  5. He’s goal.com I’ve got into has fox sports 1 in top right hand corner good stream but in Dutch.
  6. Am I right in thinking there are 2 LL’s in bollocks sounds like a good reply.
  7. The fact we’re still about rankles with these lowlife, they will pick holes in anything we do. They’ve got it so bad it’s hurting.
  8. So he’s up there and been heckled and says Rangers need to change. If he was a Rangers man this was his opportunity in front of a captive audience to call out the racism Alfie has been getting since he has been at Ibrox.
  9. Is that his carer trying to explain ‘ I only took my eyes off him for a minute ‘ Declan you little rascal.
  10. Is that Sherlock Holmes in the middle of the 9 out looking for that missing 9th trophy? Never find it cos it didn’t happen.
  11. Sensors rigged up to lynx deodorant should deter the mhanky bastards.
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