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  1. Anybody got a link to a stream please? Hesgoal not playing tonight :-(
  2. There will be an appropriate time for things like this. Now is not that time. Today is a very, very sad day for everyone and anyone connected with this club in any way, shape or form. Today is a day for mourning our hero.
  3. Hope to fuck you stay in Canada forever with shite patter like that.
  4. Pretty obvious you've not been to the last few games then, eh? We are a very pale shadow of what we were 6 months ago. Apart from the first half v Hearts, we are horrendous to watch. Stevie Wonder in a dark room could see we need some kind of radical change.
  5. We'll be lucky if anyone gets 15 goals this season the way we are playing just now.
  6. I'll have a go...................... Sounds like he's had the last rites? . . or rights, writes, wrights etc....
  7. Not a bad idea. Us top of the league and them 7th..... 🎶🎶🎶Beautiful Sunday🎶🎶🎶
  8. Sky are holding a crisis meeting tomorrow because they are worried there will only be 3 old firm games this season 😀😀😀
  9. We are brutal to watch just now and I think something drastic needs to happen very soon. Sparta will tear us a new arse if we play like that again. I actually fell asleep watching the game onscreen yesterday. It was a fucking brutal ordeal to watch.
  10. Griffiths is an absolute fucking scumbag. If he never breathed again, I wouldn't shed a tear. But like it or not (and I don't!😭) - on the park, he's still got ability. Time and time again yesterday he went unmarked by our defence. Big mistake which nearly cost us points.
  11. This is fucking awful to watch. Aribo has the first touch of Babar the elephant. He was the same on Sun too.
  12. One pair of turnstiles for a whole section. Some have been given new smartcards. New cards get placed against the reader, not inserted like the previous ones. Some have paper tickets. Some have QR codes.
  13. Nothing to stop you walking right round from Copland if you wanted?
  14. Only tickets for Govan West Corner are accepted at 76/77
  15. Season ticket holders in the "red" zone (SE5 & SW1) have all been relocated, mostly to the Govan West corner, where away fans usually sit. Arrived in queue today 2.15. Got in 2.55. By this time, the queue was back the full length of the Govan stand to the megastore. Not one steward outside. Stand Supervisor wasn't interested. Nobody to control the queue and only two turnstiles to cover the whole section. Police Inspector was very helpful and says he will take it up with the club as a safety issue, as queues outside after kick off are not permitted as they are a safety issue and could lead to a crush. Loyal fans queued an hour and a quarter here for the old firm game, some only getting in at half time. Rangers have fucked up once again. If you are affected, please email both the ticket office and the SLO. Unless we all do this together, nothing will get done and we will get the same shitty treatment all season long.
  16. Had my second jab end of July. Caught covid at Ibrox at old firm game. Only just starting to feel better in the last couple of days. Wouldn't wish it on anybody.
  17. Again - simple answer. That was before the Red zone was formalised. I got 3 different emails from the club about it - saying it was a council, then an SFA and then a UEFA decision.
  18. No conspiracy shite- all down to simple arithmetic. We have c.47,000 season tickets and c. 2,000 hospitality seats from bar 72 up to Chairman's lounge etc. The red zone has closed SW1 and SE5, so everyone has to be relocated - mostly in Govan West corner. Result = ground full. It's as simple as that. There is no story, no conspiracy, no tit-for-tat. No fuck all. The ground is full.
  19. How do you make that assumption? The way I see it is that professional publicists are slinging shite at us from all angles in the hope that some of it sticks.
  20. Can you even read ya fuckin haufwit? Thick as the chapel lunch mince.
  21. I have no affiliation to any political party - they're all wanks to be honest. Democracy means individuals have the freedom to vote for who they want, not because you can tell them who you don't like. That's exactly how Hitler started in the 1930's. People across the world are dying every day for the right to have a free vote - who are you or anyone else to tell them how to use that vote?
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