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  1. If reading this doesn't make you proud as fuck nothing will. https://the4thofficial.net/2021/03/the-greatest-sight-that-i-have-ever-seen-as-a-Rangers-fan/ The Greatest Sight That I Have Ever Seen. What a week or so it’s been in Scottish football. celtic lost their manager; St Johnstone beat Livingston to win the League Cup, and Rangers qualified for the Europa League’s last sixteen.Add to that the inability of Hibs or Aberdeen to put any pressure on second placed celtic for the remaining Champions League spot over the last few weeks, and there’s never a dull moment
  2. I remember that headline like it was yesterday.
  3. I won't get into why the last name on that list is annoying or the money he was offered at a time when we were skint but that is a stark reminder of just where we were and another reason this 55 Title will be celebrated like never before as that is an astonishingly scary read.
  4. It amazes me just how fuckin idiotic these bastards are and amazes me even more the time these fucktards are given on the air. As soon as they start their shite they should be cut off pronto but these daft bastards on snyde entertain shite like that and it's the fact they are allowed on the air to spout that shite that drives their numbers down. It is nice , however , to know these fvckers are hurting so bad that they feel significant enough to phone in and spout utter nonsense.
  5. Martinez spotted in Glasgow today. Source. Taxi driver.
  6. Just listening to this and the utter nonsense being spouted about the next bheast Manager is astounding. Sean Dyche - would cost a fortune in wages and would fvck off down south at the drop of a hat if the right offer came in. Eddie Howe - See above. O'squeel and Roy Hasbeen - God let it be so. Strapon - He's not that daft surely. Stevie Clarke - Could be the Man but timing re the Euros would be hard to work out plus the goldfish bowl in Glasgow would see him drowning in a beer barrel. Martinez and Maloney - They would cost a fortune plus if you win the Euros you'
  7. Did that bastard just say it's the first time they've won the Title and it went unchallenged?
  8. https://drawsimulator.com/uefa-europa-league-draw-simulator/ Who did you draw for us? 3 times i've done this and got Man. Utd. everytime
  9. Here's the only messy they'll sign.
  10. Guidis comment is symptomatic of the delusional World these fuckers live in. Davie Moyes is on the verge of getting West Ham a Champions League spot which will bring him a massive transfer budget especially playing in the EPL yet Guidi thinks he'd be a candidate for the sharkdome Where in the name of fuck do you go with journalism of that inane standard?
  11. Guidi hinting that they already have their man already and McGuire did the same thing on his show earlier as well. No coincidence these two clown are saying the same thing as they probably know who the replacement is.
  12. From the moment he was hired in the shower room , just think about that for a minute and how unprofessional and embarrassing that is , today was always going to happen. Fuck them all.
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