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  1. That has to be one of the worst teams i've seen in a long time. They're barely able to string two passes together.
  2. The two of them look like they could still be playing.
  3. I've been saying the same since his first time with us. Great shot stopper but drop a cross into his 6 yd area and he seems hesitant in what to do. He did it in the first half today as well as he was rooted to his goal line instead of taking command and coming out to clear the danger.
  4. I was getting at the Country and those two Clubs.
  5. The booing of one player always raises an eybrow as to why he's being booed but when it's a solitary black player being singled out for booing when there is history between Clubs/Club and the player then that is another story altogether. For me the real outrage in all of this , and i'm in no way condoning something that was clearly racially motivated , is why there was people allowed in to the game at all. UEFA are the ones that allowed this situation to manifest and fester by allowing that Club to gain financially from a situation they had no right to gain from by allowing them attendance after they themselves had put a fan ban on them. An organization that is corrupt to the fuckin core and who need a massive clean out from top to bottom.
  6. It's not sung to the tune the famine song it's sung to the tune the Beach Boys wrote all those years ago " The Sloop John B " and these fuckin people need to be reminded of that. He and the faux outraged can go and take a good fuck to themselves.
  7. How Christie got 81 minutes in that game is beyond me.
  8. Bobby Lennox , who could fly , couldn't catch Sandy Jardine as he took off up the wing and , as you can see in the picture , was left in Jardines wake as he struggled to catch him.
  9. I just new it as soon as I wrote that what would happen and I stand by what i said.
  10. He should've burst the net with that free header.
  11. Dykes could score the only goal of this game and he'll still never be a good player imo. Every first touch turns into a 50/50 ball at least.
  12. Just when you might be tempted to watch more of Scotland's National side they produce a performance like this. Embarrassing performance from professionals over part timers and the only reason they're not down at least two goals is down to poor finishing.
  13. That Scottish defence is a shambles here. They should be down 2-0 here already.
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