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  1. If you're talking about the shoulder charge in the box he might have got it if he didn't throw his arms up in the air like a fairy. Far too theatrical.
  2. 2-1 Motherwell. Poor goal to lose that one.
  3. I was listening to this early on today and when Hagi got injured , and I kid you not , every one on the panel said it was the tackle , which was brutal , that the injury occured. Not Gordon Dalziel. He thought Hagi injured himself in his goal celebration as he bang his knees together This fuckin guy
  4. That picture makes it look like the goal was scored into the celtic end of Hampden the way the stand is when the goal was scored into the Rangers end. Also DJ's Club crest is on the wrong side of his jersey. The Club crest is always , or for the most part , on the left hand side of the jersey.
  5. Probably meant in Scotland but hey he is a wanker though
  6. To the car park Declan's one and all. Let us unite.
  7. They haven't touched on the rumour that they won't pay the money that Spurs want for Hart.
  8. An egotistical cunt at that. These callers phone in to talk to so called pundits only for this fuckin twat to intercede and argue with callers. A grade A bellend.
  9. God this Duncan is a patronizing fuckin arsehole
  10. You could very well be right there. The closest you could come to short sleeved goalies would be Erik Sorensen who i'm sure used to role his sleeves up over his elbows from time to time.
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