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  1. Fuck me Liewell is doing fuck all so as Rangers can get back in to challenge them. Is it possible for Kevin to be the BEST and WORST caller ever to phone in?
  2. Apparently this was posted on a bheast forum, "celtic had routine testing for Tuesday n refused to test the 13 isolating. Wonder why"
  3. Why have Rangers never released the whole coverage of that night at Ibrox when they came back with that Cup? I know it was shown live on STV so i wonder if they hold the rights to the footage that was filmed as their coverage began as the team boarded the bus for Ibrox.
  4. I think i like Kris Boyd the pundit more than Kris Boyd the player. Now he's going after Liewell the whole time throwing Walker under the bus. I CAN just picture Gerry McCulloch and everyone else in the celtic media department now. “That was great, Peter. You’ve got that spot-on.” “You think so, Gerry?” says the club’s chief executive as he stands up from his chair and takes off his microphone, “Do you think that comes across OK?” “Oh yes, Peter. You nailed it. Perfect.” And there you have celtic’s problem in a nutshell. A chief executive who is making so many
  5. One Question here that should be asked. If the SPFL have said that they never okayed them to go to Dubai why would they allow them to move a game to accommodate the trip?
  6. The cunt that put him in power needs ousted ASAP as well but we'll leave that to the bheasts for the time being seeing as how his Club are in the middle of Dubaigate right now.
  7. The fear of reprisals from Covid FC and their Lawyers really has ruined phone in radio shows to the extent that it really is best to ignore them now but the catch 22 is where is the fun in that yet that is what they hope you'll do week in week out,,,,,,,,,,tune in.
  8. While i agree with what you're saying and my post was tongue in cheek but if athletes can , and have been for years , successfully swapping urine samples i'd say it could be be achieved. Tongue in cheek you understand.
  9. The singing would bring tears to a glass eye
  10. Why thank you I like to think i know my shit you know
  11. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKBhcQhBnia/?igshid=1j87rhtfc2aar
  12. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKBhcQhBnia/?igshid=1j87rhtfc2aar
  13. It sounded like he was apologizing for having to apologize. Turd of a Man who is the chief spokesman for a turd of a Club. On Chris Jack's article, When was the last time you read the truth written in an article published in a Scottish Newspaper? That is a headshot article if ever i read one. Now all we need do is take one game at a time and when we clinch this Title we watch the deck of cards crumble and we pray it's a windy day and that their cards are scattered to the 4 Cardinal points of the Earth and never see the light of day again.
  14. The guy is out for months we've been told so the season will probably be over by the time he's ready to play again. Explain to me again why they had him there when a week at home getting treatment from a doctor could've been gotten in Scotland as a week at home wouldn't have made the slightest difference to his healing. Something stinks to high heavens with his name being outed so easily. Imo of course.
  15. I lo I love a good conspiracy theory. What if it wasn't Juli-ann that tested positive but someone else? Juli-Ann is an easy an easy target as he can't play for weeks and isolating for him would be a piece of cake. What if the positive test was a bigger name than him and they've fudged it to look like it was him?? Naaaaaa they'd never stoop that low
  16. He has to be under instruction to talk more to reduce the flow of anger and tears. It's a PHONE-IN SHOW ffs. Why else would you talk so much and reduce what your show title advertises itself to be??
  17. Who is on it tonight? Guidi and Halliday?
  18. Gordon Dalziel is a fvckin muppet.
  19. Mark was being prompted by someone sitting beside him as you could hear another voice on the call.
  20. Robust assessments and safetiness in the one sentence. Balllooooonn.
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