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  1. Never a penalty for me and everything that's wrong with the modern game when a player falls over like he's been shot after tripping over a defenders knee after the challenge has been made.
  2. The Finns applauded the Danes back onto the pitch.
  3. I'm actually amazed at this game is going ahead but if the players are willing to play it then it's their decision. Personally i know i couldn't have.
  4. It should be a mandatory course in high school when you old enough to grasp it.
  5. It's ironic really. I just watched a woman on youtube describe how she had a heart attack , died on the operating table and they were getting to pronounce the time of her death but this one Doctor kept saying no and they worked on her for 90 mins and brought her back. She's living a healthy life to this day and as Esquire8 said the Medics who worked on him are heroes here..
  6. M8 Life itself is put in perspective at times like this. I'm watching this and my eyes are filled with tears and i know exactly what you're thinking as this is far too close to home for me personally. I lost my Wife 4 1/2 years ago to a massive heart attack so i have all the sympathies in the World for Erikssen and his Family and anyone else who has been through traumatic things like that. We've just watched a Man playing a kids game collapse and look at the outpouring of human emotion that is being displayed on this forum and all over the World right now hoping he pulls through
  7. This puts life in perspective. You just hope he pulls through this. Prayers for a young Man playing a game.
  8. Not good news if true. Apparently Ally Dawson isn't doing well at all.
  9. I know his name isn't a very popular one among the Rangers support but when Naismith was asked the difference between training at Everton and Rangers at that time he said he was shocked and said it was a night and day difference. Now I don't know about you guys but that kind of stunned me as I always thought that the training at a professional Club like Rangers would've been up there with the best of them but witnessing what we've all seen since SG came in and how easily the team won the League last season there was a night and day difference and it showed last season big time and long ma
  10. I see Liewell's name isn't included this time when he's as guilty as any of them of leading them up the garden path.
  11. The season of that Wembley game he was sensational for Rangers then came that game and his confidence was never the same after that and he just faded into an ordinary goalkeeper which was a shame because i always rated Kennedy. Mind you that Scotland team that played in front of him were rank rotten as well. I always felt sorry for him after that game.
  12. I'd be fuckin ragin if they did that because that would mean we've taken our eye off the ball. I want our professional approach to step up another gear next season and leave these bastards in our wake for years to come.
  13. You really have to laugh at Liewell coming out with the "we've been watching him for years " crap. I await the first first so called journalist asking him well why didn't you make a move for him when Rodgers left instead of asking Popcorn teeth in the shower to be your Manager and then chasing after Howe like a daft wee lassie only for him to tell you to fuck off. The shite he/they spout and expect the gullible hordes , including his/their puppets in the mhedia , to lap it up is off the charts here.
  14. So when he goes for a big fee we can expect to see more flying sharks then especially if they don't have some kind of sell on clause installed in that deal.
  15. I get that Cp but do they have to let him go or can they say we're keeping him and bringing him back? The reason i ask is Jim Duffy on SSB , and i might be wrong here , said that they can say no we want him back.
  16. Have they actually lost Hendry or do they still hold the final say in letting him go , can they call him back?
  17. Apparently the Wee Man was a Boxer in his younger days which explains the nose a wee bit
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