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  1. I want a video of the best team goals we've scored during Gerrard's tenure. There's been some absolute corkers, and that was another one of them.
  2. The Scotland u21 positive covid test results - he's one of those told to self-isolate as he was in contact with those that tested positive.
  3. Hmm, crowd noise sounds more like a family water park. What's going on with it?
  4. 7-2 over two legs, but celtic definately have the better players.
  5. if we ignore the goals they've lost, they're actually winning.
  6. They have two keepers on the bench? That's really taking the utter piss out of their £5.5m keeper/wannabe left back.
  7. Comical, yet it was Julian that was going to save that defence apparently. This had better not finish off TLB.
  8. Seemingly changed it to a 'strong arm' emoji shortly afterwards. Either he fucked up even posting a picture which, given his form, I could well believe, or he's already had enough - just can't decide if that's of their fans or TLB.
  9. Why would someone want to come in now with the team bottom of their Europa group and running behind in an infamously two-horse league? The 'failure' becomes theirs in the eyes of many of the fans - I don't see what they 'get' from it, just as Lennon won't walk as he knows he's not getting offered anything again any time soon. If he's punted (it is supposedly still a yearly rolling contract, so not much cost to that), I can easily see Kennedy being put in place for the season. A few of their key/worth-money players are now in nearing the last 18 months of their contracts, so will be punted
  10. He might not now much about what he's writing about these days, but if there's one thing we can be sure of it's that Shug knew, just like Big Jock.
  11. Duffy's coming on to make it 3-0
  12. That's Turnbull confirmed as being on the players confirmed as having tested positive.
  13. Clearly Turnbull doesn't get to interact with any of the squad, or even travel with them.
  14. If Patterson or Middleton subsequently do come up with a positive test, that then impacts our first time as they would have been training with them yesterday. Could fuck us over for the European games too. Same presumably goes for every other team who had players away with the u21 who are involved with the first team in any way (Turnbull for the scum, Porteous for Hibs, 3 for Aberdeen, etc). How can this only be confirmed this morning given they played on Tuesday? Many of the teams potentially impacted play in a few hours time...
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