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  1. Having players arriving back at different points can't have helped, but most teams have to deal with that. I think it was Lundstram that noted covid cases during pre-season - given what we've seen, I do wonder how much that might have had an impact on some of the players. I've got to hope that it's something along those lines rather than a break in group harmony - something which would seem odd to have lost between winning the league and starting back.
  2. Good to see that the second goal has spurred on those much-needed multiple subs...
  3. I thought it was shots to his left that Hart was supposed to struggle with?
  4. Duffy-esque kick from Hart already - his first touch.
  5. I look forward to them having a subs bench with three of their first-team keepers on it Hart's shampoo adverts will be pointless though given that the fans of his new team don't know what a shower is.
  6. Supposedly on a three year deal too. Wage cut or not, I can't believe that he will be cheap. I look forward to our attack testing the theory on him being shit at stopping anything to his left.
  7. Looks like the same interview, but with better audio:
  9. When even the commentators are finding the decisions baffling, you know it must be bad.
  10. 'ref not interested' = a clear dive, thus a card, no?
  11. Heh - brilliant start for Starfelt
  12. He could be this year's Duffy. Probably done him a favour in that picture by leaving in the tail - he'd have more chance of saving the odd shot with one of them since his ickle T-Rex hands seemingly can't. Then again, he would have been 'Venus de Barkas' if I hadn't thought that it might be classed as NSFW.
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