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  1. They'll be positive they're getting Rafa in as manager with Lampard as his assistant at this rate if they get that kind of over-the-odds money for Frimprong and a few of the others.
  2. Even still, if they somehow get 7m from what they paid, selling for £10m, that's mental / amazing for a player who can't actually cross or defend. I thought they would get 3-4ish for him, as an absolute max, if they were going to sell him. Is Laxalt (seemingly equally crap, but at least an international) not for sale at 7?
  3. I think their own twitter account person's trolling their fans now:
  4. Barkas still never managed a save though.
  5. Pretty simple - win our next 8 games, and we win the league. (winning the Old Firm game at theirs (the 7th game) means that a win at Ross County (the following game) puts the league out of sight, although even a draw at Ross County at that point would probably still do it given our GD (that would mean losing every post-split match and them winning each of theirs) - any draw for them before the OF game means we win the league there, unless they really fuck up and drop even more points before that). nb. I really wouldn't mind having each of the post-split games, bar the s
  6. Did we upgrade Jack to an attacking midfielder whilst he was out?
  7. The scum petition earlier in the season meant that we couldn't keep giving all our players as many of the illegal super performance enhancing drugs as they were getting before.
  8. 35:00 - Aribo hits a shit cross 36:00 - Aribo scores an amazing goal from the same place seemingly effortlessly after taking out several defenders like they weren't there.
  9. Yeah - we'll get a red card or two, because the ref's not planning on showing them one :)
  10. Cracking header. Nice to see that we're trying to attack more centrally here too, rather than it all being stuff via the wings.
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