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  1. Are you sure he didn't say 'Ange is one of the world's top 5210 coaches'? Even then though...
  2. Absolutely - no statement = it was just all rumours / the club never really went down that route and it was all just made up in the media / whoever they get in was actually always the first plan. Seemed a bonkers thing to do, and I'm glad that they've managed to continue their implosion going in such style.
  3. I take it Police Scotland are tweeting about everything they're 'investigating' now then, irrespective of credibility of source or confidence of a case? Humza wasting no time from his position of Twitter poster in chief in jumping on to stir the pot and create a few more headlines for the media to latch on to:
  4. I'd be disappointed if there wasn't an addition of 'Buckfast Wine' to that song when sung, although the media would probably slate that too.
  5. They'll be positive they're getting Rafa in as manager with Lampard as his assistant at this rate if they get that kind of over-the-odds money for Frimprong and a few of the others.
  6. Even still, if they somehow get 7m from what they paid, selling for £10m, that's mental / amazing for a player who can't actually cross or defend. I thought they would get 3-4ish for him, as an absolute max, if they were going to sell him. Is Laxalt (seemingly equally crap, but at least an international) not for sale at 7?
  7. I think their own twitter account person's trolling their fans now:
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