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  1. The twitter posts just became a story on the DR too.
  2. I wondered why on earth Michael Stewart was in the top trending twitter list...
  3. Adrian Goldberg's film is up on YouTube: Get it shared.
  4. First job of the compliance officer should be to cancel the yellow given to Alfie without being asked to.
  5. 'let's see how he reacts' was still the first comment before accepting that it was absolutely a penalty, no doubt said through gritted teeth. Guaranteed there will be far less replays of it now than there would have been if there was even any debate.
  6. Ah yes - I forgot her plate was still full of her reviewing the photos from Dubai.
  7. I've no idea how you make this a fair or justifiable system short of asking every manager for a list of up to three 'incidents' they want reviewed by the panel the following morning per match, giving them up to 36 incidents to re-referee each week, then sending that to some panel of foreign refs who will simply laugh at us for being such a shit joke of a footballing nation that we feel this makes any sense. Then Alfie gets a three match ban.
  8. But who gets to tell that panel to review a particular incident now, and why? (not that having a single CO made sense to me - I'm fully of the belief that it's trial by media pressure, pushing the CO to pass it on, rather than the CO forensically reviewing each and every tackle, push, fall, trip and dive from all angles after every game on their own)
  9. "Fast Track Notice of Complaint | Kemar Roofe, Player, Rangers FC Friday 5 February 2021 Player: Kemar Roofe, Rangers FC Match: Rangers FC v St Johnstone FC Date: Wednesday 3 February 2021 Competition: Scottish Premiership Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 200: Where any one of the sending off offences of (A1) serious foul play, (A2) violent conduct, and (A3) spitting at an opponent or any other person is committed by a player at a match, but that sending off offence was not seen by any of the match officials at the time that it was committed, the mandator
  10. Is there any other country which runs this same process?
  11. I can't agree with all of the folk going on about how he gave the ref a decision to make and deserves this, because the ref did make a decision, just as the ref makes a decision in every other game. The difference is that the media really do have a bizarre witch hunt against Morelos up here for some reason and seem to demand bans or fines for everything he does. Not a peep from the CO for the several scum player incidents that I do genuinely believe warrant retrospective based on the standards set, nor TLB for his comments. If the CO has left their post, do we know how this was selected f
  12. If true, surely the first question is who raised the complaint to the panel given that we know the CO (the person who has the power to raise such a complaint) is currently an empty post? Irrespective of fines, I'd want the board to push back hard at this if it does happen given the blatant double standards with our players and mangers getting cited.
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