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  1. 3 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

    Just seen this, hopefully we will have enough over the two legs to get through.

    Glad we are away first. What is the situation now with away goals? That has kinda passed me by, but understand some changes have been made. :unsure:

    They won't be used to decide ties anymore. 2-2 away and 1-1 at home it would go to extra time now.

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  2. 25 minutes ago, j1mgg said:

    This is the bit i didn't understand, it is relying on a lot of honesty.

    Aye I'm not sure how well it will work to be honest, especially with larger crowds. I'll pick one up at Boots after work today and gie it a shot :unsure:

  3. 11 minutes ago, RFC55 said:

    Do you have to carry the wee test with you? Or do it at the ground? How the fuck does it work :lol:

    You can register the result with the NHS online and you get an email to show or just take it with you to the stadium. I think :lol:

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