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  1. Y'aw ryte, I'm getting the word...nonce
  2. What about a union flag with her Maj saying ''this is what you hate first minister, isn't it''
  3. man buns are so 90's (says me with thinning barnet)
  4. Looks like Willie Wanker has been up to his old tricks again
  5. Got to be the worst game of football so far, although I missed V Scotland game
  6. up to their knees in Athenian blood
  7. Scotland will never be normal while the the SNP are in power
  8. Out on a limb here I know but, I'm going with....Ecosse...nil points
  9. where you getting this tarrier sounding shit?
  10. we could be up to our knees in Athenian blood
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