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  1. 3 times each time different Arsenal Villareal Tottingham
  2. Kiev, Roma, Olympiacos, Zagreb all through
  3. tomorrow's might be tasty? timmy ragin about Patterson/Zungu
  4. Alfredo...outfuckingstanding...that is all!
  5. Gonnae cost them big time for a decent replacement, then a rebuild, all very costly don'tcha just love it?
  6. Deserves every single thing that comes his way, a poor excuse for a man
  7. ''they seek him here, they seek him there'' (auld guys loyal)
  8. Would need to test you, as it's a secret HTWSSTKS
  9. Hearing Madden has withdrawn from their game. Maybe conflicting with a mark degree? anybody heard anything?
  10. Malkster


    Slightly ropey performance in first half hour, but came good when the goals went in
  11. Early days, but Ilike the look of him.
  12. He lives rent free in central defenders heads, when he's missing they get a day off
  13. depending on who views it, yes, we would be celebrating 55 already. knowing the current situation though is another matter entirely
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