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  1. Out on a limb here I know but, I'm going with....Ecosse...nil points
  2. McGregor wouldn't get in the Chelsea pensioners
  3. are McEleny and Mcmillan not the Snp msp for inverclyde? didn't pay too much attention to it mind you p.s. shhhh! don't tell big blue yonder but I agree with him about the town
  4. this goes back a few years, corner of Ann street and holmscroft street
  5. long time ago bud, holmscroft was ma first school, that'll give you an idea how long
  6. I'm born and bred Greenock, (now in Largs) over the years ''they'' have increased in numbers possibly overtaking the staunch. don't have any figures though to back that up. I can understand people passing through seeing the green and grey and making assumptions. to my mind we still rule. Scum wear green and grey to every occasion
  7. I despair of the electoral situation up here, and can't see any change coming, if independence comes I will be moving away, possibly Spain somewhere
  8. 12 midnight bud, I norrmally get the 22:30 back on a Friday night McGills 578 173 Masonic club, Frazer Street Largs, cheapest drink in town, also doubles as Largs RSC Best butchers in the area by a long way is right across the street from the station Mearns T. McCaskie
  9. Not a pub, a chip shop...Macari Edit: just seen previous answer
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