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  1. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke
  2. Bobby Sands dun it an ran away
  3. On a lighter note... LIVINGSTON 1-PARAFFIN LAMPS 0
  4. All quiet on the western (Reach PLC) front how long do these inquiries take? (if separate entity is anything to go by, then it might be some time?)
  5. Not going to agree out of respect for Paisley blue loyal, but I know what you mean
  6. Reach PLC, investigation conclusions, where are they? over to you bigots!
  7. just how many mistakes is one allowed to make?
  8. Hackerty's comments are absolutely nothing to do with womens' rights, mental health issues, bullying etc, and all to do with denigrating the PUL community, any excuse to vent her bile at what she perceives as injustice towards ''irish catholics'' an excuse for a human being never mind a 'journalist' bigoted to the bone state of that cow moralising to anyone
  9. I do hope you are right, but then the awful realisation of 'Scottish justice' kick in
  10. I'm sure the boys who are up in court for singing a 'nasty song' can use this line of defence ''...look, these things happen'' case closed!
  11. Or even...dare I say it?...a ''mental health charity''
  12. Greenock standards have sadly went downhill since leaving all those years ago
  13. just heard he's out for 6-8 weeks, don't know if there's truth in it
  14. She has started already, with that tweet
  15. O.K. I'll call it out... she's a nasty, horrible, bigoted, boot! go and tend to your wean!
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