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  1. Did you think the killie game showed a different approach to the many occasions we dropped points last season? I'm not talking about in games against poor opposition or friendlies, I'm talking about games where we have good, well drilled teams sitting in - like most games where we dropped points in the last couple of seasons. We need a perceived threat from outside the box so that opposition teams have to work hard to come out and stop shots, at the moment a lot of teams are happy to let us have the ball up until 25 yards then they start defending with everyone behind the ball because we
  2. So you dont think it was very clear in the game against killie that we couldn't draw a team out because we dont have a goal threat outside of the box? The killie game showed the same issue we suffered all last season and the season before, it just so happened that they were the best team defensively we've come up against so far and we offered nothing different to the problems which plagued us previously. We are more likely to play teams like killie most weeks than st Joseph's or progres... If you dont believe it's a problem in our team I think you're watching different games to me,
  3. Shite teams tho, if we could play that standard every week it wouldn't be an issue, it seems you are deliberately missing the point...
  4. We lack a genuine goal threat from outside the box, the goals you are talking are technically outside the box but they are not the type of opportunities that you get in tight games with defences sitting right back...
  5. yeah, hard to know whether it's the way they are asked to play, or it's just the way that suits their abilities... Thing is Gerrard was the absolute epitome of what we need, goal threat from anywhere and opposition players always scampering to get in front of him anywhere over the halfway!
  6. But they're not guys who get the head up and look to have a crack first, their first move is to look to see where a short pass can go, the opposition aren't scared to let them have a ping most of the time, they won't be thinking, we need to stop that ojo getting the ball 25-30 yards out
  7. This has been a bugbear for a few seasons now, we don't have a midfielder who has good shooting ability from outside the box. It lets team sit in against us all the time because they know we struggle to score from outside the box and has been obvious for a number of seasons - our build up is always pretty deliberate and when the opposition have 9/10 players sitting deep we really struggle, a goal threat from distance would draw teams out and leave gaps to play around. I had some hopes fro ojo and aribo but they don't seem convincing from distance either, jack, davis, kamara rarely trouble
  8. I don't think he's as bad as some make out - the biggest help our back line can have is to play together more, I think we make far too many changes in the back four - dropping players in and out doesn't work for centre half partnerships
  9. They don't show our home league games...
  10. he talks very well, really got the right demeanour for a Rangers manager imo
  11. are the prices actually published anywhere? want to try and get my hands on one through the general sale but they don't give much away on the website!
  12. minimum 1 domestic cup next season, close second - then league next season, whether its realistic or not is neither here nor there, it needs to happen
  13. he shat it today, you can blame everyone else if you want but today in particular we were not set up to ever win that game, and never looked for a second like we would.
  14. we weren't set up to try and win that game today, piss poor from murty
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