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  1. This is pretty spot on, the other conundrum really is that we need a captain, there's just not someone obvious in that squad who you think can step up to do it, Tav is fine as a right back at times but he doesn't lead the team when the going gets tough
  2. the game on wednesday has effectively no pressure, so if gerrard is going to give them a boot up the arse and drop a few of them, then this is the chance to do that...
  3. will be a shame to see him go as we've struggled at left back for years, but if there's a fee over 15m then there's no danger he'll be in a Rangers shirt next season. Fingers crossed we have a few options lined up to replace him, can't take halliday/flannigan in there for more than the odd game!
  4. Does he actually have any assists? His use of the ball and decision making is fucking awful, good at a step over tho...
  5. fuck knows how - but i'll fucking take it, imagine if we can play for 10 mins!!!
  6. Braga are a good team on good form, and they might very well have beaten us either way, but it's absolutely unacceptable to not be able to pass the fucking ball 5 yards and gift the game to them
  7. Katic has done more in the midfield than any of them so far
  8. Kamara better not be seen in the second half here, absolutely shite the night
  9. burnt out after the winter break is a load of shite! You could understand that if we were tiring late in games but we're starting games with the same shitey slow build up and not pressing, players aren't working hard and being outfought in these games from the 1st minute and last season they got a rest after the dubia trip by missing the first game back...
  10. I got absolutely ripped for suggesting this was a long standing issue with the team at the beginning of the season, it's so easy for teams to sit in when we have hardly any threat from outside the area
  11. It's kinda the point in a discussion forum? Fine to have differing opinions discussed, the problem is, the performance last night has put serious question marks against the players before sunday, people calling that aren't bringing spirits down - the players haven't shown us enough to have high spirits going into this game imo
  12. last season a couple of bad performances at this time of year effectively killed our season, we could have got out the uefa group stages and didn't we fell away in the league etc - it's perfectly reasonable to question the character of a team who throw away a two goal lead (which would have put us top of the league) and get outfought by a shite aberdeen side on the eve of the biggest game for seasons!
  13. Depressing stuff, do we get a refund on the tickets if uefa close the ground? Not sure why it's so difficult to understand what you can and can't sing without getting the club into trouble.
  14. There's a tannoy announcement to every fan in attendance at every home game about follow with pride - how much more reminding do folk need? It's pretty easy to not be a cunt most of the time outside the ground.... https://Rangers.co.uk/fans/following-Rangers/acceptable-conduct/
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