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  1. You feel someone else could get far more out of these players than Solksjaer. They have some talented players but how Pogba is still at that club I’ll never know. He should never have been brought back and had spent most of the time flattering to deceive.
  2. Thing with Solksjaer is aside from being a nice guy and a Utd legend I've never really known what he is as a manager. You look at other supposed top managers. They have a philosophy and style that they bring to all their clubs, and have won many trophies. Klopp, Mourinho, Zidane, Tuchel come with reputations for setting up in certain ways. It is hard to know with Solksjaer. Aside from a few trophies with Molde he's won nothing. He replaced Mourinho who won the Europa League with them...and really if he was to leave Man Utd can you really see a top side taking a punt on him? I just can't see it and if you're not really in demand at that level should you be at a club like Man Utd?
  3. Maguire is a terrible defender. I can't believe that he's held in such high regard. Much as it pains me to say it he's not in the class of van Dijk. I think its only a matter of time for Solksjaer now. They have spent an awful lot of money at that club for very little return recently.
  4. Sucker punch 1000000% Amazing timing. Lets batter them second half and sicken the lot of them.
  5. Interesting that Tav didn't take it. Another example of his confidence and form shot. Roofe isn't the greatest but he never hides which is why I think he's a good fit for us.
  6. It shows that there is zero confidence in the team at the moment. Confident players don't play this way. We are full of nerves. Tight and lacking in imagination.
  7. He's been terrible since the Euros when he was injured and barely played.
  8. I think Gerrard feels he can't drop him as he's the captain. Well I remember Souness binning off Terry Butcher when his performances dropped. And he was a far better player than Tav will ever be. It isn't just the players that need to be brave when we are playing like this. Gerrard needs to be too. He was brave as a player and needs to be now. I don't see Premiership sides bidding for Tav, they want Patterson. The boy deserves a run of games.
  9. Last season Patterson must have been in awe of the opportunity he was given. Now he must be sitting on the bench wondering what he has to do to get on the park. I think in the past Tav has been harshly criticised but he's been a shadow of the player he was last season.
  10. Agree. As miserable as it is probably the best time to concede.
  11. It was a great strike but it doesn't change the fact we've been papering over the cracks all season. This is just another example of it. Same all season. Too much rotation, too many empty jerseys, woeful finishing. We need players to stand up and be counted.
  12. Agree. As comfortable a win as we've had all season and its nice not to feel quite so frustrated watching us as I have been lately. Some decent performances. Frustrating about Balogun. We've had bad luck with injuries this season but good to see Arfield coming on at the end and a reminder of what he can offer.
  13. It is not just Morelos. It is the whole squad who are underperforming. If you look at the stats for the season overall, all the teams around us have forwards who are scoring more than us. Every team around us has midfielders who are scoring more than us. We are shipping more goals than we did last season. We are far below the levels we have set ourselves. It is correct to say only league position counts. This is true but i'd suggest given how poor we've been this season we are lucky to find ourselves at the top of the league. But the inconsistency of our rivals should have no bearing on the standards we set for ourselves and if we carry on with this level of performance and finishing going into the middle third of the season we won't stay there.
  14. Certainly it's good for them to be rid of Ashley but the new owners are questionable to say the least. What they will do is invest but it is by no means certain that Newcastle will win anything. Certainly the timing of the takeover is not helpful. They can't sign anyone until January and by then they will likely still be in the bottom half of the league. They will not make top 6 this season. Because of that they will struggle to bring in top players who will want Champions League football this season and next. Beyond that and looking at next season, it is again by no means certain they will hit top 6 or even 4 given the head start other sides have. Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs or even Leicester etc have far better sides currently. They need a total rebuild and if you were a top player would you want to come to Newcastle over one of the London clubs. It's the same with the manager. Will a top manager come into a relegation battle this season when he can't sign anyone until Jan. Then who will want to come in knowing he is probably going to be moved on at the end of the season. Will be interesting.
  15. I can understand why Gerrard wants to get McLaughlin more time on the pitch and he's not done much wrong to be fair. But if McGregor is number one he should start every game. We should always look to start our strongest team. We don't need to be rotating goalkeepers. Its not like he's running 15k a match. There has been too much chopping and changing this season. We need to try and get something of a settled side and try to build.
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