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  1. Lots of football to be played but the psychological pressure on them at the moment is massive. If we get three points it only ramps up. I always worry after an international break that we might lose momentum, especially when we've been playing so well. They are a tough fixture at any time, they always raise their game against us no matter what their circumstances. We have essentially a full squad and if we start with the energy and intensity we've shown in recent matches I'm confident we can do the business. At least none of their knee-injury celebrating scum will be anywhere near our stadium.
  2. One day this mob won't score last minute goals. I check score at 90 mins and its 2-1 and immediately put super scoreboard on to enjoy the meltdown. By the time its on they are drawing. Every time. 2-2 is still a great result for us, assuming it isn't 3-2 by the time I've finished typing this.
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