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  1. I'm genuinely surprised but delighted that no EPL club has come in for him.
  2. I've heard a few say lately that our dressing room is the best they have ever been involved in during their careers. It is great to hear. Mr Struth would be proud.
  3. Always remember Souness saying he didn't need to give a lot of instructions as he liked him teams to have multiple leaders on the park. Gerrard is think looks for the same - players that in some way mirror his own commitment. This has always been a hallmark of all successful Rangers sides. Players who drive on others and have a winning mentality, driving each other on to win. I have no doubt this is why Lundstram was scouted and seen as being suitable to come to us. Mentality is as important as ability to be a success with us. Through the spine of the side now we have players who stand up for
  4. On paper friendly matches are of course irrelevant. They are used to improve fitness, try formations and players etc...we all know that. Losing a friendly is not the end of the world by any stretch, nor does winning one mean anything in the greater scale. But that is a simplistic view. Nobody can ignore that the momentum gained in our excellent performances in pre-season last year was carried forward into the 55 season. Rangers as a club need to have a winning mentality, that is what sets big clubs apart. Although it was a friendly you can bet that Ancelloti will not be at all happy with
  5. If you want confidence going into a new season this is the way to do it. I know it’s a friendly but it’s obvious we have quality.
  6. We were far from full strength too. One thing since Gerrard ha come in is just how organised we look.
  7. Showing how a proper team performs against premiership opposition.
  8. Quite how he holds any sort of public position is incredible. With every outburst he reveals himself to be intolerant and a thoroughly unpleasant individual. This guy doesn’t only represent the fools that voted for him. He also represents Rangers fans, English people, Protestants…whomever didn’t vote for him but happens to live there. He brings the office he holds into disrepute time after time.
  9. In all seriousness though, it shows the difference in professionalism now between the two clubs. Still can’t believe he got another contract with them. Apparently we’re scared of him according to the media. Only thing I’d be scared of is him sliding into my DMs
  10. I think that’s a great point. Always think these games are interesting for a club like us. For most teams 3rd string friendlies are an irrelevant fitness exercise. For us they are a real attitude test for some of those fringe players and could make or break whether they get a chance this season or get moved on. Some of these guys won’t get a look in at the first team this season, and are literally playing for their futures with us.
  11. Love the way we go about our business. The professionalism is amazing. Nothing in the press. Deal done.
  12. I could never say I don't support Scotland. I want them to win but I would describe myself as indifferent. I've not watched many of the matches. My issue is not with the team as such, more with the general direction of travel. By that I mean the SFA's attitude to towards Rangers and Rangers players going back 20 years and the drift/hijacking of the National team to be some sort of pseudo Republican Nationalist symbol to the extent the Rangers players are booed even when playing for the National team or opposition. Plus frankly I find the attitude of our National support quite backward. Perhaps
  13. It is total comedy. How can anyone seriously say that Doig is a better player than Barisic. On that matter, I honestly still can't see any compelling reason why our unbeaten Championship team doesn't make then entire SpL XI
  14. Genuinely a magnificent decision from the club. Im delighted he’s with us and he won his first league with us. A more professional mentor for the first team and beyond we couldn’t hope to have, and if required we know we’ll have the top finisher in the country coming in. With European games etc we will need him.
  15. Thats the problem for me. He's an OK player but couldn't hold down a place a few years ago and I don't see anything to suggest he could hold down a place now. The fact he would come back as a squad player shows he hasn't really kicked on. I agree he deserves pre-season and some of this season to see if he can have a role. He's a good enough player to be sold for a small fee to another SPL side or a lower league english side with a sell on fee if not. I don't see the point of another loan.
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