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  1. For all the great Rangers sides and players I’ve seen I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed a season as much as this one. I love the professionalism around our club again, it’s the way we should be, leading on and off the park. I love the attitude and professionalism of our back room team. I love some of the football we’ve played, and the team goals we’ve scored. A team without super stars who work and fight for each other. To have that and also have us looking like we belong in European games, the gloom and hurt is finally lifting from our club and we are showing we are back where we belong while
  2. Clearly Young Boys or Molde are the better sides to draw on paper but no bad sides in the competition now. Ideally would want to avoid the Premiership sides until the next round. But you look at them, Milan and Ajax and there are some top quality sides in wait. But make no mistake we have shown we belong at this level. The question is can we raise it further and push beyond last year. For all our quality this is when 30million players start appearing. Guys like Kane, Bale, Fernandes etc is a big step up in quality from before. I’m just glad we are in the mix.
  3. I thought Gerrard’s comments at the end about him were absolutely top class.
  4. There would be meltdown if a player who is consistently targeted for his discipline got that award. He did things the way a Rangers player should in my opinion, and seems to do a lot in his homeland also. Whatever the criteria are it is probably justified.
  5. Wonder if Gerrard is temped to throw Patterson on. Balogun having a shocker and on a yellow. Big call second half.
  6. I think we have got away with it to a point. They’ve had their police and club punishments and we haven’t heard from the league as yet, although I’m sure they are rubbing their hands at the prospect of targetting more of our squad. I was furious initially although I’ve also mellowed a little, but I wonder if we might feel differently if we were not in such a strong position currently. We were fortunate that we had Balogun who not only stepped in and played well, but we continued our winning run. People might be less forgiving if we had dropped points or were in a tight race. The club message o
  7. He has class and professionalism written all over him. An excellent ambassador for the club. His body is showing signs of starting to give up now though, lots of niggles this year. Would go with much respect from all, although I feel staying might be better even in a reduced role. He wouldn’t go to a Premiership side now, and I’m not sure his body could cope or allow him to handle the rigours of a championship season. I can’t see him wanting to turn out for another SPL side. I think he either stays in the player/coach role or goes to US/Middle east for a final pay day in the Sun in a more rela
  8. Now they are available for selection again I await the incoming SFA ban....
  9. This is the arrogance of their fans and board and is exactly why they are where they are. No Rangers in the league and thinking guys are worth 30m because they are pumping St Johnstone etc, while being pumped out of Europe at every opportunity. Bigging up guys like Brown, thinking he’s some big shot because he’s elbowing some Scottish midfielder while doing nothing of note elsewhere. We’ve been rebuilding and this is the first season they’ve had a consistent challenge and they have been found wanting in all areas.
  10. All the poor teams that have defeated celtic. What does that make his team. Idiot.
  11. Not such a mental suggestion. Been through thick and thin with us. Helped and revered by countless players and went without wages during our dark times. I guarantee that if the club arranged a benefit for him Ibrox would be packed to the rafters. I can’t think of anyone of our non-playing staff over the years who deserve it more than him.
  12. Agree. There will be no easy games at this stage and at the end of the day to win this competition someone is going to have to beat the Premiership sides. I don’t think anyone will want to meet us either.
  13. I agree. It’s different in other sports like rugby where it is part of the traditions of the game. But it isn’t in football, so why try and force clubs to do it when really none of the players or supporters especially respect one another.
  14. Duffy playing the victim in the media again, the celtic way when pressure is in them. The same guy that has been also caught threatening folk online and messaging women.
  15. Comparing ajeti to mark mcghee...
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