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  1. As soon as I saw his name in the team I knew MW had made an arse of it and we would struggle. A waste of a jersey.
  2. Thompson in to DM for Halliday with Shiels and Law in front of him with a front 3 of Waghorn, Lyon and Halliday. Miller, Clark, Oduwa and Zelalem should be nowhere near this game.
  3. If we had done that it would have been hailed the mark of champions.
  4. Walter Smith spent over £40m and won 3 titles, a couple of domestic cups and took us to a European Final.
  5. Not clueless mate just raging. I let my anger get the better of me. Obviously Waghorn is a better player than those 3. Don't know what the hell I was thinking.
  6. Hibs Ins and Outs (25) Carmichael, Oxley, Keatings, Boyle, Reguero, Bartley, McGinn, McGeough, McGregor, Eckersley, Henderson, Anier, Feruz. 13 In. Booth, Cerny, Gardiner, Craig, S Allan, Robertson, Crane, Martin, Harris, L Allan, Insall, Dja Djedia. 12 Out. Rangers Ins and Outs (25) Foderingham, Tavernier, Holt, Kiernan, Wilson, Zelalem, Oduwa, Ball, Halliday, Waghorn, Thompson. 11 In Boyd, Zaliukas, Foster, McGregor, Smith, Mohsni, Gallagher, McCulloch, Black, Daly, Faure, Hutton, Simonsen, Robinson. 14 Out. 25 each. No idea who the 3 were i missed out for Rangers, not that it matters, it actually does your side of the argument a favour. Maybe i have missed 1 or 2 out on either side, again, it doesn't matter. The only relevant fact is both managers have had very similar rebuild jobs to do.
  7. You're just wrong, in every sentence. Wrong. Few lies in there too. Whatever pleases you i guess.
  8. They don't dread walking out onto the same pitch as us because they know how we are going to play, what our weaknesses are and what we are going to do during the game. Even the diddiest of teams fancy taking goals and points off us these days.
  9. Apologise for being right? Not at all. Your question was irrelevant and was asked to do you a favour, which it didn't. My point stands. Both teams have similar turmoil in the summer. Both went through huge players turnarounds. Warburton was given all the tools, all the money and all the players he wanted. Stubbs had to work with Hibs budget and is still going toe to toe with Warburton. I ask again, who has done the better job? The answer is obvious. Accept we don't have the new Guardiola and we can all move on.
  10. Both managers did have similar rebuilds. They had a 25 player turnaround to our 22. Give or take 1 or 2 players. That is it. Warburton keeps going about it being a squad game, it's all about the squad. The blind faith loyal can't have it both ways.
  11. The debate wasn't first team players, it was player turnaround. First team players was brought into it because the initial poster had made an arse of himself. The only fact that matters is, Hibs had a more turbulent summer and transfer window, they spent less, still spend less and yet find themselves going toe to toe with us. I was only asking which manager had done the better job so far and the place has went into meltdown. It's fucking obvious but too many have their heads in the sand and are shit scared of the truth.
  12. He's pish. This will probably be his last year as a Rangers player.
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