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  1. I have managed to get through the queue and into the website but it just says "no home games are available". All the phone lines to ticket office are busy Anyone been able to get tickets this morning?
  2. Great goal!! This is what we have needed to get the confidence up. Playing well!!
  3. He took 3 set pieces tonight from which we scored 2 and came very close from the other. Hope thats recognised and he takes them from now on.
  4. Trying to watch this on my iphone and i am clueless as to how it works? Anyone care to explain lol!
  5. Nicky Clark really not good enough in my opinion. He doesnt seem to be on the same wavelength as the rest of the team and his anticipation is poor.
  6. We desperately need another option up front. Cant rely on waghorn every game.
  7. I think Warburton see's Aird as an option at full back and Oduwa as a forward option which gives a better balance to the look of the squad imo.
  8. Doesnt look like we are getting much support up to waghorn from the midfield when we attack.
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