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  1. How is it a shite point?
  2. My point is if we had a big enough injury list they may be more inclined to play the fixture irrespective of a couple of their players falling foul of Covid.
  3. The question is how many injuries would we need before they demand the game to be played to maintain sporting integrity? If Barisic, Morelos, Helander, Kamara and Kent were ruled out injured would they be happy to play the fixture irrespective of Covid?
  4. Teams in Scotland have left stands empty rather than sell extra tickets to the Rangers away support so why should we help them when they won’t help themselves? There are fans in Scotland who hate us more than they love their own team so why would we waste our money to help clubs when their own fans don’t bother? Let us worry about ourselves and let the diddy teams merge to survive.
  5. Barker v Kilmarnock was one of his better performances
  6. What’s the age cut off for being a member of the old crew?
  7. Also Hagi’s contribution may be to find the pass that allows a teammate to set up a goal and the stats of Goals and Assists won’t show that.
  8. Players like Barker benefit from having no fans in the stadium whereas players like Hagi miss have the crowd behind them look at the Braga game last year as an example. Hagi is also a young player who is still developing so we will see some inconsistent performances especially while he adjusts to playing against the hammer throwers in Scottish football.
  9. If you win the ball and then injure a Rangers player that is no red card and no action is taken. If you are in possession of the ball and pass it and your momentum follows through and injures an opponent and you play for Rangers that is a red card. The disciplinary set up in Scottish football is a shambles.
  10. For me when I go MyGers and select Join Today I get a message saying No Memberships are available. But when I selected Buy Online at the top of the page and select buy now beside MYGERS MEMBERSHIP It went to a page where you could select the Adult or Kids membership options.
  11. Cats shitting on grass in other people’s gardens is a myth created by lazy dog owners.
  12. Dundee is too small to have two football league teams anyway. Plus it would leave a gap in Scottish football for an orange strip.
  13. I am torn - while I want to see us absoltely pump them on the park I don’t want to give them any money
  14. The fish and chips hospitality was funny but them staying in the Championship is quality. Thompson or whoever is in charge next season will be praying for a cup draw against us.
  15. Let’s replace an under 21s coach with an under 18s one.
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