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  1. The cameras should have cut off a long time before they did. The fact that it kept going back to him when he was getting cpr and then a shock from the defib was a disgrace. I'm not going to lie I was in tears and it was the hardest thing I've had to watch. It's great to hear he is stable and communicating but I very much doubt he'll go back to playing football again. The sobering fact is we should enjoy the life we have as it can change with the blink of eye.
  2. Patterson will get more than enough minutes next season with us. He'll play the cup games and probably the games in between Europe. Any suggestion that he should go on loan is stupid imo, we need the best squad possible and that means keeping Patterson here next season.
  3. He went off the rails after his wife died so probably the effects of drink and stress.
  4. I always thought Gourock and surrounding areas were 50/50.
  5. My bad, I think someone has done it already. Cheers mate 👍
  6. It looks to me like you passed on the details but if I was you I'd take down your address and number mate.
  7. If he wants to represent his country who are we to judge?! It's obviously going to be disappointing considering there's some big games getting played but we need to respect his decision.
  8. Had Gerrard not went the full league season undefeated then Davidson would have been a worthy winner, but to play 56 games(only 3 loses) in total and still be undefeated after 38 league games is an unbelievable achievement. Well done to St Johnstone as they've had an excellent season and it's good to see a fellow bear in Davidson doing well also.
  9. There's no right or wrong answer to it, they are both outstanding goalkeepers and we are lucky to have had them play for us. We all have a preference but let's not argue over who's better, just enjoy the fact they have both gave us great memories.
  10. What a twat, do everyone a favour and take your drivel elsewhere. Everyday your on here being a bawbag troll to someone.
  11. Read the topic properly and you'll figure it out.
  12. @Peter Pan Fan has made an absolute cunt of himself
  13. I've always liked Middleton and would like to see him operate on the right of the front 3 to see him cutting in on his favoured foot. For some reason Gerrard hasn't tried him there even tho he's played there for the youths at times. We haven't got someone that's nailed that position down so would like to see him given an opportunity.
  14. Not really, Patterson could cover for Tav and we wouldn't miss him, mclaughlin could cover for mcgregor and we might not miss him as much, Balogun could cover for Goldson but we don't have adequate cover for Davis. It's not a true reflection on how to decide who is player of the year. For me there's a bawhair in it between McGregor, Goldson and Tavernier.
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