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  1. Yeah I think this will be defoe's final year but depending how this season goes Davis could maybe get another year and I'd keep renewing mcgregors contract until he says otherwise. If mcloughlin is any good he'll eventually take over but keep McCrorie going out on loan and getting 1st team experience as Goalkeepers seem to come into their own around 26 onwards and last until their 40s.
  2. Tbh I really don't care if they take the knee or not. Personally I think it was a good message to start off with but should've stopped by now, however I'm not going to let it bother me that our black players continue to do it. My main focus and nerves are usually on the game.
  3. If you don't look how do you know someone stood up?
  4. Eh no, there was no sentiment when they were kicking us down the leagues or when they were voting end the season and dish out titles unfairly. They can all fuck off and if teams die then good.
  5. Under pep they've actually tried to bring through quite a few players with foden, Doyle and garcia(looks to be signing a pre contract with barca) the most likely to make it. Most haven't been good enough due to the world class standard of players they have but they do have a number on the fringes.
  6. These stats don't provide any insight into how often he's lost possession which results in teams then scoring against us or how many chances other teams create because of it. For me he's had a few flashes of looking the part but as a whole he's been underwhelming. I don't get excited when he gets the ball or get the anticipation that somethings about to happen(everything that Kent offers), he pretty much always chops the ball onto the other foot and is quite slow at times with the possession. I hope he turns it round and rightly he needs a full season but I wish we had taken anothe
  7. Was gutted when we sold Cuellar and for as little as we did due that release clause. His performances all the way through that European run was immense.
  8. Hate to say it but that type of game was crying out for a Ross McCrorie type of player, the same McCrorie that got motm for Aberdeen against them. We are too lightweight in the middle and falter every time it's a scrap.
  9. I thought he finished by saying amor which means love. This would also explain the heart he gestured.
  10. Tav gets a goal a rest and a blowjob.........good night's work 😜
  11. Thought the subs that came on actually played well today. Morelos looked a lot sharper in the limited time he was on the field and special mention to Arfield who was the pick of the goals for me.
  12. Their keeper has kept the score respectful so far or we've just been poor at finishing
  13. Gerrard better get tore into this cheating cunt after the game
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