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  1. When Gerrard came in he wanted to play similar to Liverpool with quick wide players making runs centrally overlapping the striker. We now don't have any width, we don't have any pace and we certainly don't have anyone making runs beyond our striker. He needs to find the personnel that will best suit this style of play as things are far too laboured. Everything is congested in the middle of the park, we have our middle 3, 2 wide players always too narrow and our striker that drops deep. You could throw a blanket over the 6 of them at times. If Gerrard doesn't fix this soon then it won't matter what he achieved last season as he'll be on his way out.
  2. Barisic was fucking awful last night. He didn't seem to want to go forward and Gerrard was giving him a lengthy chat after the game.
  3. Sounds like your dad's a wank Tbh 😂😂
  4. I agree with that mate, 1st half he was playing well and unlucky not to score. 2nd half he fell away a bit and things got on top of him when he made a few mistakes.
  5. What do you mean you think?? It was 100% the right decision it went to var. I agree we need to be more ruthless and also lack that player with a bit of excitement that gets the fans on the edge of our seats. Worst thing about tonight was how cold it was and nothing to cheer 2nd half.
  6. 😂😂Ffs apologies mate. I've just finished 11 nights nightshift and my brain is melted. That's twice in the last few days I've made an arse of it.
  7. Yeah mate, my initial reply was based on you saying you're not sure why the clubs paid compensation when they could just quit. I'm sure that if a manager quits a club and joins another within a certain time frame then that club needs to pay the old club compensation otherwise the manager needs to sit out until that time has elapsed. Probably explains why a lot of managers quit or leave jobs then have a bit of a break before getting another job.
  8. Honestly I'm sure there is. If a manager opts to quit a club and then joins another straight away the club can seek compensation.
  9. Managers are not allowed to manage another club within a certain time frame if they resign to get another job.
  10. Firstly I'd be surprised if Newcastle came calling for Gerrard in the current league position they are in. I think Eddie howe must be favourite as he will be cannon fodder for a better manager when they have improved the squad and league position. If Gerrard does leave he will probably already have a clause in his contract that would allow him to speak to other clubs. There might be a handsome fee involved but it won't be anywhere near £10 million.......if it is then the club has played a blinder.
  11. Out of all the misses how many have we actually paid a transfer fee for? All the loans and free transfers were ultimately going to be squad fillers or stop gaps. Yes we may have wasted money on wages but it could've been hell of a lot worse. When bringing in free transfers and loan signings it's always going to be more of a risk than actually spending £2-5 million on a player.
  12. It was probably renewed on the basis we planned on moving McCrorie out on loan again. Like most of our expected departures nothing materialised.
  13. Exactly emergency a last resort. He isn't in the European squad.
  14. Brandon barker should just be let go if he isn't going to get in the squad. Nobody will buy him or pay him what we are. Stephen Kelly is still young but it's looking more likely he won't get given an opportunity. Although I did like the look of him in pre season. Ryan Jack needs to be given time to see if he can get himself fit, the problem was not getting another player that can challenge him. If he is still breaking down by the end of his contract then let him go for free. Andy firth is nothing more than an emergency goalkeeper. His wages won't make any difference whether we pay him or not. A lot of clubs have an emergency goalkeeper on their books. Man city have Scott Carson who is about 40 and dreadful. I'd sell Tavernier purely because we need to play Patterson and increase his value. As it stands we will lose Patterson for a fraction what he could be worth.
  15. Ffs who doesn't when they score??
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