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  1. Looks an interesting talent but I wonder how long it would take for someone to absolutely murder him and then the press to say he deserved it for being disrespectful.
  2. I don't want to do mcgregor a disservice as I think he's been a great servant for the club and pulled off some unbelievable saves but you're statement is laughable. A point blank save on the volley is a much better save than a curling shot from the edge of the box. Had you mentioned mcgregors save in Europe I'd agree that was a better save but not the 1 you mentioned. Goram was class and done it on horrible pitches with a higher standard of player. He tormented the fenians for years and is imo the best keeper we've had without question. Woods and mcgregor are also quality keepers with kl
  3. We have a tradition of finding top class keepers and it's something we must make sure do when shagger hangs his gloves up. It's brilliant having folk that can score but having a keeper that you just know you can trust to keep you in games is equally vital and it needs to be mad cunt as well 😂
  4. Yeah fair enough. He never looked after himself and clearly wasn't the most professional but for me he will always be our best keeper. He wasn't the only 1 that was bad that season as Laudrup had downed tools as well and he was 34 when he left. I know he signed for man u after us but he never got back to that standard.
  5. Saw this on twitter and this is 1 of many reasons why he's our best goalie ever. TdwmZPH3qzwuiQf2.mp4
  6. For all those saying I don't know what this means for Patterson, he'll get more than enough game time next season. He's shown he can cover for Tav no problem and Tav will be rotated more next season rather than playing every game. Expect Patterson to play the games before or after Europe(unless it's the tims) and Cup games. Sending him out on loan is a mistake and if Tavs form drops the people saying loan him out will be the 1st to say we shouldn't have. Big season next season and we need the best squad possible.
  7. It's a provisional ban until they fully investigate, meaning he can face another 10 game ban or nothing.
  8. Czech my arse fuck off back to your peado forums.
  9. I'm not sure he would, it would all depend on the team he was playing for. Some teams sit deeper than others and basically just defend and hoof the ball whereas some sit higher up and play out from the back. I think he'd suit a West ham or crystal Palace.
  10. Hahaha Goram always played in the Champions league version of Europe. Goram is hands down our best goalkeeper ever and it's not even close imo.
  11. Katic certainly has a future with us. Goldson/balogun and helander won't be around forever and if 1 of these leaves then katic is back in the frame. I wouldn't be surprised if Edmundson moves on and Derby choose to buy him as well.
  12. Why is skin colour even a factor when discussing who's the best players or goal scorers? The best players in their teams are those with the most footballing ability, heart, desire and will to win! It has nothing to do with skin colour and the sooner people realise this the better. When that ball is placed for k.o it's down to the team with the best players not the most black players or white players. Football is a game for everyone, anyone!!!
  13. I agree the lad needs a slap for his awful racist comments but this statement is stupid, how do you come to that conclusion?
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