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  1. If they start booing I hope to fuck they get launched out or better yet if you aren't happy with them taking the knee for this game why don't you give your ticket to 1 of us unlucky fans who didn't get the chance to go. There's been no crowds for over a year, why the fuck would you turn up on the 1st league game to boo????
  2. I think kamara will definitely start as he won't be available for midweek European game, might even see Davis dropped so he is fresh that game.
  3. Everyone knows when we get beat in friendlies it means nothing but when we win it means everything. Get a grip ya downy
  4. What's the bets we get them in the Champions league group stages
  5. After seeing that today we will not buy another striker if we sell morelos.
  6. We can but it would probably be with morelos through the middle with Kent and sakala playing off him.
  7. Morelos looking up teletext to see sakala has scored
  8. Exciting starting 11, looking really forward to this.
  9. Would love a wee loan signing to follow off the back of this. I'm not too fussy even modric for a season would do ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  10. Everything I've seen from Kelly this pre season is excellent. Hopefully he steps up this season as he looks a really tidy player.
  11. Does it? Also could they not get a top to fit Wright!!!!
  12. Ffs he'd cost about ยฃ20 million or more never mind his wages. Fulham know he's an asset in the championship and there's no hope of him signing for us.
  13. No Aribo played a couple of games at lb when barisic was out.
  14. I think the club have promised him a move(if an acceptable bid comes in) after rejecting the lille offer last year. We had to concente on stopping 10 and we needed our best players for that season. The problem we now face is the frustration that he wants to move to a bigger league for more money but we need to protect ourselves in the process, however the longer this carries on I worry that we'll need to accept a lower bid to help balance the books. We value him at ยฃ20 million easily but clubs are reluctant to spend that on players from our league and throw into the mix that every month goes p
  15. In return sakala had to sign kirks shirt.........it's that big he's been at it for weeks ๐Ÿ˜
  16. Just post your log in details for bet365 and we'll have a look
  17. Always read the small print
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