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  1. To be fair if it's the same account i seen earlier he also claimed yesterday that he would have signed today.
  2. The league will never be extended until we get back up.
  3. The signings have been good so far and i hope to see more before the start of the season. Hibs won't be strong in my opinion.
  4. I quite like the picture tbh. It has a real comic book feel about it and gives me a sense of foreboding. Not a bad effort at all.
  5. Tbf don't know how he compares to Bell height wise but he seems to fill the goal a lot better. Bell looks like a little kid in goal.
  6. Alright bud, i wasn't trying to have a go at you in my last post so sorry if it came across that way. Just wanted to clear up in case you didn't understand what i had meant. Tbh the only reason i gave him any attention on here was to see if he'd bite. To be fair that stupid bastard did as well. ?
  7. I quoted you mate because he posted your comment on his twitter. That's what drew my attention to it. It's pretty funny how pathetic that account is tbh.
  8. Fuck sake! Moshni just came in at the end there and floored every cunt.
  9. Doubt he will. Think he's out at Wimbledon this week.
  10. Gallacher going for his 2nd hat trick of the night.
  11. Still no interview with Rangers TV on the site i'm sure he's done one.
  12. Not unless you search for players we are linked with on twitter. I'm not kidding mate they are constantly all over it. I myself don't have a twitter account so i can't do those things.
  13. It's been said many times before but it really is all about the Rangers. I would have thought Sevcophille would be more apt for them though.
  14. Obviously a complete tit mate. He posted 3 of my comments in quick succession after i mentioned him. Always amazes me that anyone has that sad of a life to sit on another clubs fan forum all day. He probably spunked his pants when i mentioned him on here, back into obscurity for him now.
  15. On twitter. STV are reporting it.
  16. Will train with us for two weeks to win a deal.
  17. Pics of him on the clubs twitter. Interview and presser to follow.
  18. I know imagine wanting to take it private. How can everyone read what you have to say then?
  19. Are you upset because i've rumbled your twitter? PM and let everyone get back to the topic in hand. Unless you are an attention seeking wee prick mate.
  20. Did you get a text telling you that or....
  21. Nae bother smile. Troll away.
  22. Stop hijacking threads. You're trolling is shite, it's boring.
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