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  1. Personally feel that it is unscrupulous and immensely distasteful to turn the deaths of 66 Fans in the disaster into a money making scheme. Been said elsewhere that John Greig was one of the main objectors inside the club, I thank him for that. Also suggestions that it was a former commercial director who signed the contract, it all stinks a little. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10639827 'Memorial Walls Ltd' was incorporated in February 2017, 10 months before planning was applied for, have absolutely zero online profile and has filed accounts as a dormant company since it's incorporation. The address listed as "Memorial walls ltd" address is actually the address of Arnold engineering plastics, with whom they share a number of directors. Something doesn't add up......
  2. Think it was dundee away the last time he played at left back, and I would have to say it's probably the poorest performance I have seen in a rangers jersey this season, and that takes some doing!
  3. He has been absolutely awful everytime I have seen him at left back, not expecting anything different today. He's a reasonably solid defensive right back... that's it! Disappointed with the lineup, will be pleasantly surprised if we take the 3 points and not at all surprised if we don't take any.
  4. I envisaged we would comfortably get a top 4 finish, which we did. Really didn't see us finishing so far behind that lot or showing so fucking poor against them. Next season I think we will get a very secure second place, still a bit off them but will give them a bit of a fright and build again for a big push the following season.
  5. " there are circumstances when a caution for unsporting behaviour is required when a player deliberately hand the ball, e.g. when a player: • deliberately and blatantly handles the ball to prevent an opponent gaining possession • attempts to score a goal by deliberately handling the ball a player is sent off, however, if he prevents a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball. This punishment arises not from the act of the player deliberately handling the ball but from the unacceptable and unfair intervention that prevented a goal being scored" For me I don't see the handball as denying a goalscoring opportunity, Bingham was always second favourite to get to the ball. Free kick and yellow card. Garners "tackle" was a stupid and wild lash at the ball but it wasn't malicious in my eyes, could easily have seen red though.
  6. Personally didn't think kiernan was particularly good today, Hill outshone him and I would say probably took a lot of pressure off kiernan with a few interventions.
  7. Really worry for us at the back against the scum, we looked poor at the back against Linfield never mind tonight, really don't know who I would play at the back against them.... they are a step up in pace and quality, up front, from anyone else in the league. Any decent young pacy centre backs we could throw in at the deep end? Ross McCrorie?
  8. Maybe so, wonder if I can claim a finders fee?
  9. Quite proud of this shout!! Appears to be on trial now.
  10. Has Sam McLelland moved over to London to sign for them? I know that happened with Johnny Evans at Man Utd, and few other youngsters more recently. Would our youth teams do this? Or just not have the budget for it?
  11. How do you rate the to lyo young ulster mens chances? Done fairly well by the sound of you report.
  12. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ryan-sinnamon/leistungsdaten/spieler/203836Started 5 games on the bench
  13. The loan isn't of much benefit to him, he's played a grand total of 12 minutes so far this season. Thankfully it's only until January.
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