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  1. Read the rest of the post..... I said: we do. But outside of us and them, no one does. Of course it matters if they do 10IAR ffs.
  2. One thing about their treble treble and 8IAR has been... no one actually gives a fuck. Whilst the record books might show it, and it sickens us to the core to see it: not a single bastard outside of that cares one iota.
  3. The slow change has been a constant readjustment anyway. From the 90’s glory, to early 2000’s joy. Then it was bosmans under McLeish, gradual acceptance of being second rate compared to the big money CL teams. Meanwhile nomark English teams we would have pumped 10-0 in the 90s could now outspend us and easily beat us. The world of football has changed massively. Gone are the days of the CL actually being a tournament of domestic champions against eachother. It’s forced teams like us out of it and into accepting what we once termed the ‘diddy cup’ - the uefa cup - as being our pride and joy. Realising CL glory is long out of our reach. Then we had the equivalent of the Great Depression as a club. The banter years; still not finished yet; and the biggest readjustment to loss ever. No qualms that the fans have followed on regardless but the outside factors, massive money shifting changes of football, and the jealous almost joyous orchestration to hold us down as hard as possible by one team and the leftovers of the SPL who had to get back at us for the trauma we inflicted in 9IAR... horrendous decade.
  4. It was this bit I was referring: "but most importantly he gives the players around him confidence and belief. You can't learn that – players like him are just born with that presence."
  5. "Is he the best in the world? He might not get the attention of Messi and Ronaldo but yes, I think he just might be. He has great passing ability, can tackle and scores goals, but most importantly he gives the players around him confidence and belief. You can't learn that – players like him are just born with that presence." Zidane. You don't have people like that talking of the character of a man for the fun of it.
  6. Exactly. This has been self collapse rather than getting pumped because we were beyond actual pish.
  7. But you can't take away the idea of building an environment, a team, a school of thought at the club. That's what longevity brings you. It was the point I was trying to make - each of those managers I mentioned from 1899 to 1991 had years of failure in between the wins, but the amount of years they managed us singly allowed them to create an almost mythos around the club; heritage, legacy, stories and tradition that carried on. Chopping and changing so much over a period of 13 years doesn't allow that. Times have changed but the throwaway culture is tragic; it's the same with many aspects of modern life and no different in football. It's getting to the point of almost being like a Tinder swiping session. Done with Stevie; swipe right to find new manager.
  8. Then what....? Another Pedro comes in whilst we attempt a rebuild? He's given us a strong foundation. As shite as it is - we need to keep on and stop changing managers like the rest of the football world. Up to Walter Smith we had 12 managers. Since then we've had 9. Or... to feframe it: from 1899 to 1991 we had 12 managers. That's 92 years. Since 2007 we've had 9 managers. That's 13 years.
  9. That's it, we have to just stick with it and hope to build a team and mentality that can foster a winning environment in the 2020's.....
  10. Is that the quadruple treble? Fucking sickening thought.
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