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  1. These tears are merely the salty amuse bouche for the full five course dinner that the 55 timplosion will bring...,
  2. Timplosion is beginning Thinking back to all of the classless behaviour from them; “just can’t get enough” - Griffiths walking about like big baws saying “Rangers are deid”and tying scarves to our posts. Lego munchers arrogant and cocky behaviour, pointing at scoreboards.... 55 will destroy them. They’ve lived in their own bubble for so long - it’s going to be glorious.
  3. Make no mistake though, if the roles were reversed there would be a national inquiry into that.
  4. Pond life vermin, do we expect any better though? They just share mindless nonsense they think will get them likes in their little circle.
  5. That's him worth £200m then....
  6. Sweet beautiful hat trick of headers against them for Morelos. A tav penalty. Kent punches Brown. Parkhead empties itself on the 67th minute with their team 4-0 down. That'll do.
  7. Given a penalty already Ball to hand!
  8. It's one of, if not the weakest, group out of them all.... Cluj A very poor Lazio team Rennes, who have lost every game
  9. It would be an odd decision to do this for the celtic top and not the Rangers though no? Either way - absolute nonsense.
  10. As someone posted on the last page; you can also see the official league badges and numbers on the celtic top..... unless I'm mistaken, they don't come on the shirts you pick up in the stores but rather get handed to you by.... oh, lets say a team with very transparent intentions and fake tour guide friendliness. I guarantee if a group of Rangers fans turned up in Rangers tops at Parkhead to do a tour they wouldn't get handshakes and laughter as their reception. But as always #rangersteambad #celticgreatestintheworld 🙄
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