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  1. I'm not sure about Negri's career pre Rangers so wouldn't like to comment. But Mols was more than impressive at Twente and Utrecht before he came to us. Another one I look back at and wonder why no one from the big leagues beat us to his signature is Arveladze, his numbers were shockingly good.
  2. Can't argue with that. Unfortunately for some people Kenny Miller will never be fully accepted 100% despite doing everything humanly possible to redeem himself... I'm one of those people.
  3. That's exactly what I was looking for 👌
  4. I always say that, he was unplayable before the injury the most in form striker in europe we would have struggled to hold on to him. How he stayed at Utrecht so long and slipped through the net at Ajax is astonishing.
  5. Thank you. I've seen him divide opinion on a few threads, I know there have been higher numbers achieved etc.. But for me as I've stated, as an 8 year old at Ibrox watching Mols at his peak no one comes close.
  6. He's my undisputed favourite striker. My everlasting memories of Ibrox my first trip was my hairs standing on end for simply the best (full version.) And everyone stood up whenever Michael Mols got the ball.
  7. Only seen these on the TV needs to be players you seen live. Gogh is a picture above the mantelpiece at Tannadice in my mind. Baxter is above everyone else according to my Granda.
  8. ?? I know a lot of fans rate other strikers ahead of him and perhaps rightly so.. My point was yes Mols is cemented in my mind as what I seen as an 8 year old and for that reason he's always in the mix in my team.
  9. I don't want your BEST 11, I want a Rangers team that comprises of your favourites. Players you watched live, players you just have an affinity for it could be a moment in time they provided or just the fact that they done it for you. Mols will raise a few eyebrows, but I just can't shake that 8 year old boy 🤩
  10. All jokes aside... I don't believe that even they are stupid enough to go out to Dubai and think not only that they can so openly take the piss knowing cameras will be on them but flaunt it all over social media. This is a sabotage effort make no mistake, it's all they have left and like that I find myself laughing again.
  11. Drove through it on our way to the airport one year it was absolutely reeking with them
  12. Doesn't bare thinking about. My son genuinely asked me yesterday if it was ok to use a green felt tip pen to colour in a picture. My wife thought it was terrible, to me it was glorious.
  13. For a second before the video thumbnail loaded I just had the caption.. I wanted it to be true.
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