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  1. Aye cause I’m gonna sit here after that and be full of confidence. We are Rangers. That was unacceptable
  2. Signing an average Rotherham United player is a Warburton signing. Get him to fuck
  3. Didn’t need to be the better team to beat us. That’s the most worrying thing about it
  4. We might have played better today but we are not the better team. They played dreadful and we played very well. They still won. If that doesn’t set alarm bells ringing in your head then fuck knows what to say
  5. Wednesday and today summed us up imo. Very worried about Thursday now
  6. The better team lifted the trophy today. Pretending otherwise I’d mental Hope we dig in and make it a battle. Few big signings in January and you never know
  7. That’s very wrong. Today was a great example of why they’ll win the league and we will fuck all
  8. Should not have hit the penalty. Shambles of a decision. Had a good game apart from that. Unless you prefer a repeat of the Ibrox old firm
  9. Their goalie made two good saves. Every other one was something he should have saved. We are still sadly nowhere near good enough
  10. Ojo is our third top goal scorer and 4th on the assist list. He’s frustrating to watch and has a pretty casual playing style but this idea that he’s been absolutely dreadful is just not true. His casual style makes him an easy target but the idea we have better options in our under 18’s in madness
  11. Ah that’s a nightmare. If we beat feynoord I’ll be going mental regardless Dont think Porto are that bothered anymore so hopefully young boys take something off them
  12. Does it not? Thought we had the head to head over Porto?
  13. He’s frustrating as fuck to watch but until Jones is fully fit he starts. Twice the player Barker is
  14. Asks what Ojo has done this season. I tell you. “Aye but those are just stats”. Absolute nonsense reply
  15. 3rd top goal scorer and 3rd top assister this season
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