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  1. What a fucking season this is, loving every minute of it
  2. Feel completely out of energy and sick as fuck but it was worth it for that result!! Were marching towards 55 now finally
  3. The amount of overreactions you get on here after every one bad pass or shot or dribble does my head in not even Messi literally plays perfect 90mins every game. Thought it was solid enough today thats 13 straight wins on the trot now and we go into this game the favourites and deservedly really happy with what we have done since losing in the cup. On to the scum and finish their little run of form.
  4. Our current form in the EL is overall more pleasing to watch and we perform more consistently but Walters 92/93 and 07/08 campaigns are by far the best we've had in Europe since the 72 win.
  5. Massive win especially with our record after Cup exits. That will be one to look back on if we march on to lift the title, need to get into a stride again for these next 4.
  6. The way things are going wouldn't be surprised in the next 50 years there are two European leagues as well as the champions league starts to change again haha
  7. I would take a European trophy all day long tbh the league is always likely to come again in Scotland but winning a European title is almost impossible now.
  8. I like everyone else are desperate for a trophy again but if we weren't doing well in Europe we would be chasing celtic for much longer. Whoever wins the league this year are being set up for a massive head start for dominating the beginning of this new decade with the CL group stage cash.
  9. Fully agree with this but reading through this forum you'd think we won the treble 54 times and not 7
  10. The No.9


    Gutted with tonight its was dreadful but people need to overreact at the end of this season not during or at the very least when things are a lot worst etc. In our 54 league titles wins only 7 of them have came with a treble, only 18 iirc have been with a double. Nothing is over yet.
  11. I feel confident tbh with Europe on the back burner now I honestly believe we are going to march on and keep picking up points with full control for the time being.
  12. RIP to a legend. I personally have (in no order) Pele Cruyff Beckenbauer Maradona Messi/Ronaldo As the best players I've watched every available footage of that I can.
  13. Feeling confident we can cement our place in the no1 spot tonight its at Ibrox, we have the better form and more or less our full squad in comparison to Benfica. Hmm might be too confident but im going 3-1.
  14. Dan Deacon also routinely confesses his Catholic ways on fifa most weekends. Wasnt really meant to tell anyone but here we are.
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