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  1. Loving watching us atm team just feels like it believes in themselves and working for the same goal in comparison to that mob our intangibles have come along way this season atm while also improving on the field.
  2. Fucking starting to get that pit in my stomach were due giving these cunts a doing
  3. Fucked it paid £15 for the game and just realised there was a link in the email for £10
  4. Thats my biggest worry not just the 10 in a row but if this keeps going they will be the leaders in all 3 trophy counts and eventually wins and goals etc its fucking sickening that it slowly keeps chipping away. We need to start winning some silverware this season.
  5. Walter saying he got sacked in October of the 10th title run caught me off guard there I always assumed he left on his own decision? Now im not sure if I just glossed over it.
  6. Try these two mate can't get a good signal at my work but im sure these showed a decent bit of him
  7. You must not have picked a good video lol the one I watched was all fancy hold up play dribbling and passing with some good strikes sprinkled in
  8. Honestly buzzing for this a big 6ft 2 target man who gets goals and has years ahead of him and Roofe being the likely straight replacement for Alfredo. Game on.
  9. The No.9


    They emailed me back quickly when I asked for new cards to be sent through but not sure on the rest.
  10. Aye Ghost is a cracking game will be good for a replay on PS5 as well same with RDR2
  11. At the time it was brilliant but I'm obviously talking in general terms now when other clubs are reaching 50 or about to and stars for all other clubs have been for the European titles. Also I'm not saying it has to be as big as that one specifically but just a larger design in general to even take over the space of the stars is more to my taste thats all.
  12. While on the subject I've actually wanted the kit crest to go back to its larger size and remove the stars I think the first to 50 gimmick has passed and prefer the bolder look but it might just be me.
  13. Personally my only nitpick is I prefer the extra blue band between the writing and the ball design gives it a classier look imo.
  14. Its also a game like no other in terms of how you decisions change entire levels, missions and endings like its crazy game of thrones level shit that can happen in side mission that change the entire cities or islands economy lol
  15. I don't think you were inspiring enough mate judging from the replies lol
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