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  1. Very much so, but as you say it's all about the big one we've been working towards the past 3 seasons!
  2. True, although at least it's not going to be Lemon lifting another one..
  3. Livi 1-0 up and tearing St Mirren apart here.
  4. Gutted for him. Feel the Aussie open is the one that has just got away from him. If his body hadn't packed in during 2017 he probably would of won it by now.
  5. Tough one to call today, Livi the form team but got a feeling St Mirren might sneak it. Hopefully be a good game anyways.
  6. Hibs being Hibs here, they should of been about 3 up before St Johnstone scored the first.
  7. Aye you're right there eejay, amazing seeing the transformation from that day to now. Buzzing to see him lift that trophy!
  8. I thought it was the end for Gerrard after the cup defeat to Hearts last season. He was a broken man after that game.
  9. Hope we play with the same intensity against Hibs next Wednesday!
  10. Always feel more comfortable with the defence when Helander is in, as good as Balogun has been prefer big Fil.
  11. Typical hammer thrower, wouldn't be too sad if he had to go off injured..
  12. Dancing Joe, what a finish man. Playing like champions here.
  13. Playing really well the day. I'd give Tav one last chance for pens, miss another pass it on to Borna.
  14. Tin hat on here but I think they will probably get around 20 million for Edouard, on his day he's the best striker in the country along with our own Alfie, I dont have any issues with admitting that, he was very consistent but thankfully seems to have downed tools this season as he clearly wanted away in the summer and couldn't give a shite about their 10.
  15. Wouldn't bet on it, still waiting on them pulling up the St Mirren player who smashed their arm into one of our players(can't remember who it was).
  16. That's some run Livi are on, playing their second team tonight and still undefeated in 10 games. Fair play.
  17. Lemon certainly not enjoying Kenny McIntyre interview on sportsound, ended up with him walking away.
  18. Livi team still alright, Forrest coming in and the boy Serano that scored the screamer at the theatre of screams earlier in the season. Pity they've rested Robinson as he's quite lively.
  19. Covid times are strange times ma man
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