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  1. Must say that Hearts boy Beni Baningime is a decent player. Heard a bit about him but this was the first time seeing him properly. Composed on the ball and kept possession well for them.
  2. Thought Bacuna was poor today mate but can't judge the lad yet, as you say he needs more game time.
  3. Good first half, terrible in the second half. The size of the Macaroni pies are a joke as well.
  4. Fucking brilliant. Have to say some of the quick passing play in Midfield this half has been excellent.
  5. Some goal that. Well in wee man!
  6. Bloody hell, what a show that was. One of the twins was a right wee tidy.
  7. Right, can we please just get our act together and fucking steam roll them this season. 40 million is some incentive to finish above an absolute rank rotten celtic team.
  8. Ced the Ted to come on and score a brace. Bayern Munich the Motherwell of German football.
  9. Fuck their disco lights, bring them on in the semi final. Draw after the games tonight.
  10. Great news. The guy could operate in any of Europes top leagues, a class act.
  11. Wtf happened there. Brilliant in the first half but utterly chucked it in the second.
  12. We've looked much much better today. Far more energetic great to watch.
  13. If we were playing a semi decent team in the playoffs we wouldn't even have made the competition, so poor.
  14. We simply haven't got going at all this season yet. So disappointing.
  15. Should be a good final, look forward to the two Canadians battling it out.
  16. That's a blow for them, he's been their best player so far this season. FIFA HQ better be on the lookout for sharks and banners.
  17. That just highlights how much of a failure Clarke is.
  18. Making that right back position his. No doubt Clarke will put O'Donnell in for the next game stupid cunt.
  19. It is very alarming it's still going on in 2021. I'd like to see these countries hit with proper sanctions, leage suspensions, closed door games for an extended period etc but UEFA don't have the balls to do anything like this. Something needs to happen or it will just keep going on.
  20. Clarke is fuckin clueless. The fact the SFA extended his contract doesn't surprise me as they are just as clueless.
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