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  1. He was absolutely slaughtered on here from way too many people last season. Glad to see he's proved them wrong.
  2. Argos selling Last of Us Part 2 for £24.99. Few other retailers also selling it for below £30.
  3. So unlucky for their first goal and we had a stonewall penalty denied. Brutal throwing away a two goal lead though.
  4. Borna with the nutmeg in the build up to that goal. Class .
  5. Fuck sake wish we were playing these cunts this weekend.
  6. Kamara truly excels on the European stage, he is everywhere
  7. Times the banner going up the morn?
  8. We would have a field day against this Sparta team. Septic getting the favourable draws again 🙄
  9. Is Watch Dogs decent games? See the 2nd one is only 12 quid on the ps store..I only played the first for about 5 mins at a mates house. Not sure whether to play that or try the Resident Evil 3 remake..
  10. He had a poor game considering we know what he can do. Stop being so sensitive.
  11. Fantastic win and yet another clean sheet. Class Rangers.
  12. Tav to finish top scorer this season? Unreal numbers for a right back.
  13. Tbf he has been pretty good at getting them riled up on SSB with his sheer panic at his team going down the pan this season.
  14. Great first half. Only negative is the amount of times Morelos is giving the ball away when we get it up to him.
  15. Always a bit nervous the first game back after a break. Strong team though and would take any sort of win. A Tav penalty would be ideal to wind them up even more 😁.
  16. That was a cracking finish from Nisbet. Everyone thought Shankland was going to be the one to watch from the championship, Nisbet has been much more impressive.
  17. The uproar from them if it was against us would of been unreal.
  18. Nah they are staying down at the shore this time.
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