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  1. Murray done well in the first set but was nowhere near it in the second. Getting harder to watch him get beat by guys who would normally stand no chance against him.
  2. Just read that Alfie was involved in 8 of our 9 goals against Antwerp. That is outstanding. Get totally pissed off with him when he gets his stupid suspensions but he always seems to make up for it.
  3. Fucking right Malky, they have been feeling it since Ferencvaros and its been amazing to just sit back and watch the meltdown.
  4. The duration of their pain this season has been very pleasing. We have been fantastic.
  5. That caffeine is some dunt by the way. #latteloyal55
  6. Hope to god he wants a stab at the champions league with us next season.
  7. Outstanding Rangers. No team in this competition will feel comfortable facing us.
  8. Brilliant pen by Borna, he's put all his pens to that right hand side. That one was unstoppable.
  9. Should we get through can we get Molde in the next round please πŸ™
  10. Fucking Antwerp, how we've shipped 5 goals against this lot I'll never know.
  11. Some goal by him. See what a game of Monopoly can do eh 😎
  12. Antwerp are a strange team, they're not that great a side but always manage to create a few chances and have now scored 4 past us. We need to learn to shut the door a bit better in Europe.
  13. Ah did he? Never seen that. Still think we'll have enough to get this over the line. Balogun is all over the place though, looks like he's picked up a knock as well..
  14. Played some great stuff there before we got done by an offside goal.
  15. If he does leave he goes as having been a great ambassador for the club, the ultimate professional.
  16. Last time Royal Antwerp played in Scotland was in the 80s against 'Dundee'
  17. I don't think it's fair to bump a thread like this, Malky wasn't the only one thinking this at the time. After our cup exit to Hearts I honestly thought it was over for Gerrard. Fuckin delighted to be proved wrong.
  18. Damn, wanted him in the dugout when we win 55. Ah well, it's been a hoot.
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