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  1. Fucking quality day, atmosphere was amazing, absolutely loved it. What a club to be part of.
  2. Swithering on whether to wear the champions top the day or save it for the frame on the wall..buzzing anyways. Hope everyone has a fantastic day 💙
  3. Easily. I don't see how anyone can deny that now.
  4. Ibrox and then a mad sesh right through till I'm back to work on Wednesday. It's not every season you stop Terry Munroe you know.
  5. Yeah fuck waiting till I get a PS5 just gonna pick it up this weekend for the PS4. Watched a bit of a walkthrough on YouTube earlier and it looks amazing.
  6. Swithering on getting RE8 for the PS4 just now or waiting till I get a PS5 in two years time.
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