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  1. I think Howe is a decent manager but I'm not quite sure if he is the right fit for them...
  2. Unreal achievement on top of what has been an excellent season for him.
  3. Haha it works for me mate. Bring on Sunday indeed 🙌
  4. Really wanted him to sign for us back then, was pissed off when he went to them but over it now, everyone makes mistakes. Hope he does well as he's had some amount of health issues. The thing with his heart sounded very serious.
  5. Shite from Marshall, he's a good few levels below McGregor.
  6. Claudio Reynas wee lad Gio scores in friendly against Northern Ireland.
  7. Nah that's very accurate, we don't have enough goals in the team.
  8. Got that very wrong, fair play, two good goals!
  9. That will be that. No chance this Scotland team are scoring 2.
  10. Aye decent shout as well. I imagine Neil would command a higher wage?
  11. Hearts beat 2-1 by Brora Rangers in the Scottish Cup..Neilson will be on a shoogly peg now, could see McInnes go there.
  12. Delighted with still being unbeaten and for Alfredo to finally break that duck of scoring against them. Got to try push on and remain unbeaten in the league and win the scottish Cup now.
  13. Fucking disgusting behaviour from them. Hopefully the whole football world will see them for the embarrassment that they are.
  14. I see his wiki page has already been updated.
  15. No even a debate. Helander the better defender.
  16. After the season we've had I honestly can't believe you're giving it the bottle chat. It is possible to play poorly without 'bottling it'. Our team doesn't deserve that. We didn't play well, that's it.
  17. Exactly. It was literally physically impossible for him to do anything to avoid contact with him. Would of been a sore one if we got through and he was banned for that.
  18. We had to be at our very best to go through and we've been nowhere near it.
  19. Could be worse, could be getting pumped 4-1 at home by a worse czech team, 11 v 11.
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