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  1. 11 hours ago, MarcusDa Beasley said:

    Sold him a pair of designer trainers when he was a baby and I worked in a shop in Argyle Street. Reyna’s missus was minted back in the day. I know....this is the best post I could muster during international week...bring on the weekend.

    Haha it works for me mate. Bring on Sunday indeed 🙌 

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  2. Really wanted him to sign for us back then, was pissed off when he went to them but over it now, everyone makes mistakes. Hope he does well as he's had some amount of health issues. The thing with his heart sounded very serious. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, SkylineBlue said:

    I know this seems a daft thing to say in a game where we've scored two goals, but we look so impotent as a team. We don't carry any real threat at all. 


    Nah that's very accurate, we don't have enough goals in the team. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Parma99 said:

    But they did bottle it.

    Too many players didnt turn  up, and you have to admit most were within their shells. It's ok to say that, dont be upset, but that's what happened. It's not like we played great and got beat. They were good, but we didnt really turn up. 

    After the season we've had I honestly can't believe you're giving it the bottle chat. It is possible to play poorly without 'bottling it'. Our team doesn't deserve that. We didn't play well, that's it. 

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