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  1. Possibly, although if you're looking to win multiple career slams you sometimes need to get through these five setters and be ready for the next round. I did read he also may have been injured towards the end which maybe explained the 6-0 in the 3rd set.
  2. Surprised at Thiem getting destroyed by Dimitrov in straight sets. Murray up today at 3.30pm in the final of the ATP Challenger event.
  3. Was thinking this myself, the Sam Allardyce of Scottish Football.
  4. Definitely, these full weeks between games don't seem to be doing us any good!
  5. Am I correct in saying whoever finishes 3rd this season gets straight into the final Europa league play off round?
  6. McInnes on sportsound there moaning about losing Scott Wright in January window.
  7. I know the league is most important but must say I'm buzzing to be back to European games. 1-0 Rangers.
  8. 3 points and another clean sheet added. Maybe a wee favour from St Johnstone tomorrow, who knows..
  9. He looks it doesn't he? Was listening to an interview with him the other day and he was saying he was just enjoying going on walks, reading and watching box sets etc. He's lost quite a bit of weight though.
  10. Not like him though tbf, he may be on poor form but I've never seen him as a player who hides.
  11. Compliance officer to look at that disrespectful play by Ryan Kent there.
  12. Great to see Arfield on the bench and the service for Itten needs to be much better. Looking for a much better performance from Tav the day.
  13. 4-0 now, Lennon deserves another season at least I reckon.
  14. Really hope our captain finds some form soon. He's been well off it the past few weeks.
  15. Can't say Hamilton didn't deserve something from that game. They were really at it in that second half. Too many of our players under performing. Would probably have been a different story if Jack and Davis had started that game but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  16. Need to remember Hamilton playing for survival, wasn't going to be an easy game. Still think we'll win but have to be patient here.
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