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  1. Absolutely. The league, in my opinion is now done. We have a good bit of room to focus on the Europa league and I certainly think we are more than capable of going a stage or two further than last season


  2. 5 minutes ago, hammer93 said:

    I was saying to my brother earlier today about when we never got 10....we were cruising to 10 then certain things happened and we got derailed for a spell....we fought our way back into it only to fuck it up with two defeats in our last 3 games.....even going into the last day we still had a outside chance we may have pulled it off.....take that into stark contrast at the rapists attempts this season.....they have fucking surrender so meekly without even laying a glove on us

    Their implosion has been staggering, never seen this coming at all tbh. 

  3. Bit off topic but mind watching a stream for the 8-0 game against Hamilton and for some reason mid way through the first half it switched to the Hamilton TV coverage. What a time to be alive that was 😂

    In all seriousness though, Hivs should be hammered for this.

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