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  1. It's a sad day when we are worried about facing QOS in the play offs but that's where we are unfortunately. Hopeful that McCall can guide us through it!
  2. Still waiting for Gallagher to get his chance as well, really want to see him in there before the end of the season.
  3. It's very worrying, even at 1-0 down I just struggled to see us getting a couple of goals!
  4. Haha, should defo have a betting market for that mate!
  5. £2 on Temps first goal - idiot move £2 on Clarke first goal - slightly less idiotic move. £1 on Vuckic first goal - hmmmm
  6. Said to my mate today out of our remaining fixtures I thought this was the hardest one. We fucked it aye but hopefully learn from it and move on.
  7. Yes, very dissapointing and a total farce of a performance by the team BUT this gives us a chance to see McCall and the players reaction to a loss. I'm hoping it's a massive wake up call and the team will kick on. Better now than the last couple of games or in playoffs. Just trying to keep things positive..
  8. Harsh, let's just wait and see the reaction to this defeat at the weekend, that will tell us all a lot more of McCalls ability. I do feel sorry for him with these group of players though, very very frustrating.
  9. McCulloch aint the answer..we need two new CB's, stunned to be 2-0 down, really don't deserve to be..
  10. Nice line up, confidence back with the players, a coach who knows what he's doing. Really looking forward to this. Come on Rangers!!!
  11. Thank you Barry! Some amazing performances for us, all the best for the future!
  12. You know what, people have every right to question McCoist, he's fucked the club for the past 3 years. I know it's not good to look on negatives but the more good McCall does you just can't help but think what a fuck up McCoist was. It's going to take a lot of us some time to let it go. Was an extremely horrible period in our history.
  13. Yup, Wilson was pish the day.
  14. Excellent performance, knew he had it in him!
  15. Great first half bar the red card, to be honest I can see us scoring more, Hearts are average at best and making so many basic errors. Come on Rangers!!!
  16. Temps is obviously a confidence player(cracking with it, error prone without it), he never had it with McCoist in charge so no wonder he has not performed. Look forward to seeing what he can do under McCall.
  17. Breath of fresh air isn't it. Youth is so important..how McCoist failed to see that I do not know.
  18. We will win the Scottish Premiership next season
  19. He's had a few games in succession now to show us what he's all about..sadly it's not looked good. Like Boyd, it appears he has lost his touch.
  20. Yeah that goes without saying but Newcastle are really poor..
  21. Punt him, he's no way worth the risk. Any player who costs us that many goals should never be in the squad nevermind the starting 11.
  22. Something tells me he will go back to Newcastle. Sour grapes from Ashley. Plus Newcastle are pish so they would probably want an in form Vuckic.
  23. If that's true he should never be allowed back to Ibrox. I really do hope it's not though.
  24. Yeah same team, if Vuckic & Walsh is fit would replace him for Clarke and Moshni respectively. Really want to see Shiels keep his place, could turn out to be a very important player for us in the run in.
  25. He should of held his hands up a long time ago and said 'nope, it's not working out, I'll let someone else have a go', but no, like a stale relationship he persisted with some blind hope that it would get better even though it was so obvious it never would. It just got worse.
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